Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Dean Unglert Talk ‘BIP’ Success Tips

Dean Unglert, YouTube

Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert are happy to share their experiences on Bachelor in Paradise with others. They were offering some amazing advice for the gals and girls that will be finding their way to the beach this summer.

Of all the Bachelor Nation shows, there have been the most successful couples to come out of Bachelor in Paradise. Fan favorites like Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon, and more recently Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin. The format of the show is a lot easier because there aren’t thirty people competing for the attention of one person.

Some former leads have even found love on BIP like Becca Kufrin with Thomas Jacobs. When Dean and Caelynn stopped by the podcast Click Bait with Bachelor Nation, they shared some OG advice for newcomers.

Dean Unglert Says Stay Sober And Caelynn Says Avoid Online Comments

Caelynn Miller Keyes and Dean Unglert are planning their wedding and sharing every step of the way with fans. As we recently reported, they shared their wedding cake tasting on social media.

Dean Unglert, Instagram
Dean Unglert, Instagram

Dean had been on another season of BIP before and he also went on the show Bachelor Winter Games, so he’d had a lot more experience than Caelynn. There was one difference with this time he said helped a lot. He went in sober. Dean said he went in being himself and not influenced by alcohol.

According to Bachelor Nation Keyes said her best advice is not to read anything people are saying online. She said their success was largely due to not caring what others thought about their relationship. Dean agreed that not reading the comments helped them grow stronger together. Seeing people badmouth them just made him hold on tighter.

He Truly Was Himself In More Ways Than One

Dean Unglert said he showed up honest to the last season telling Caelynn he lived in a van and he didn’t work. Not only that he confessed he’d not showered in a month in a half. He added, “I like being dirty, I like going out and not being heard from for a few weeks at a time, so for her to see that and still be able to develop feelings for me was a big step.” That meant there were no surprises when they left.

Caelynn and Dean have been getting ready for their wedding. Caelynn has been hitting the gym to be in great shape for her wedding dress. Dean has asked a close friend to officiate the wedding. Both have said they are looking forward to a low-key wedding.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Instagram
Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Instagram

What do you think about Dean and Caelynn’s advice? Who are you most excited to see onĀ Bachelor in Paradise? Can you believe Dean didn’t bathe for a month? Comment with all your thoughts down below.

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  1. they both should not be giving advice. Especially Dean he walked out in Catilynn on her birthday. love ine in the end & he came back. He’s lucky she took him back along with his van & no bathing. I’ll believe it when I see them married until then it’s not happening. He’s lucky I’m not his mother in law.

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