Becca Kufrin & Thomas Jacobs Make Huge Wedding Announcement

Becca Kufrin, YouTube

Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs had some exciting news to share with their fans recently. The two met on Bachelor in Paradise last year but broke up before leaving the beach. To begin with, Becca knew what she wanted and went for it.

She was the first former Bachelorette to make her way onto the beach and some of the women were skeptical. Thomas got a bit of a villain edit on Katie Thurston’s season, so he was able to redeem himself a bit with their sweet romance. Then, they broke up. They reconciled off-camera and have since been a model couple for those looking for proof the process works.

Each of them has proposed to each other, and now they are in the middle of all the planning. They are a couple that loves to goof off and have fun together as evidenced by their social media accounts. In the TikTok shown below, they joked they did it right the second time, they came to BIP. The two of them showed up to give some advice on the latest season of the show. Read on to see what news they had to share.

Becca Kufrin And Thomas Had An Announcement

Becca Kufrin and Thomas moved in together in San Diego. According to Bachelor Nation, Becca said they had news to share and called, “Tommy,” in. She asked if they could share and he enthusiastically shouted out the news.

Becca Kufrin, TikTok
Becca Kufrin, TikTok

They have the venue and the date for their nuptials. More so, Becca said they got their dream place to get married in San Diego. That was where they previously said they wanted to get married. Becca said she didn’t want to jinx it and that she was going to, “knock on some wood.”

The Two Had Dueling Proposals

Becca Kufrin proposed to Thomas first, and then he proposed to her by carving a pumpkin. On the post flashing her ring, Becca said, “oh he leveled up alright.” Jesse Palmer commented on their engagement pictures. He said, “so happy for you both! Dueling proposals! Love it.” As we reported, Becca told Thomas they were going to do a photo shoot for her wine brand. Thomas almost ruined it by jokingly asking if she was planning to propose since there was such a nice setup.

Becca Kufrin, TikTok
Becca Kufrin, TikTok


She gave him a card with a QR code that had a video of his friends and family talking about his best qualities. In the end, she said she wanted to spend her life with him. Then she proposed. How do you feel about Thomas and Becca’s upcoming nuptials? Finally, do you have any guesses about where her dream venue could be? Comment with your thoughts below.


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