Ashley Iaconetti Reacts To Nick Viall’s Engagement

Nick Viall and Ashley Iaconetti via YouTube

Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite Ashley Iaconetti reacts to Nick Viall’s engagement to Natalie with a long, heartfelt post. She and Jared remain close to Nick and were even there to help him and his bride to be celebrate. Keep reading to find out more.

Ashley Iaconetti reacts to Nick Viall’s engagement

Fan favorite Ashley Iaconetti found her true love on Bachelor in Paradise. It may have taken her some time and more than one trip but she finally made it happen. During her time of being an emotional mess, Nick Viall was one that was there for her. Now, she’s speaking out about Nick’s engagement to Natalie Joy.

Ashley and Jared made the trip to California to be there for Nick on his big day. She then went to Instagram to share photos and a long, sentimental post about her and Jared’s relationship with Nick.

She started off saying that Nick is the closest thing she and Jared have had to a brother. Ashley said, “We bicker and call each other out on our shit, but if you’re one of the people Nick brings into his heart, he’ll love and support you through everything. Because he can be guarded, when he shows that mushy side it’s even more meaningful and heartwarming. He once very memorably said, ‘I can be cold, but when I’m warm, I’m hot.'”

She went mentioning how much love he showed in his recorded proposal to Natalie. It was pointed out the amount of love pouring from his soul would silence all the critics. In the eight years they have known each other they’ve always had one another’s back. Ashley shared, “Nick is the Miranda of our group and I know he appreciates this title (as he binged SATC during Covid). He doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear in the moment, because he’s looking out for your best interests in the long run.”

Nick, Natalie, Ashley and Jared via Insta

She didn’t stop there

Ashley gushed about Natalie as well saying it would take the right person to match Nick. He needed someone to challenge him and let him talk. She shared how he overanalyzes everything which brought her to a memorable story of Nick.

She said, “One of our favorite Nick moments was an endearing time before he asked Natalie to be his girlfriend. He was analyzing her every post on Instagram trying to match it to the weekend schedule she told him she was about to embark on. He was worried she was going to see another guy. (She wasn’t.) This was when we knew he was really into her. Once they made things official, Nick became the best version of himself. His demeanor became more lighthearted and his heart of gold shimmered more.”

She concluded sharing how excited they are to be sharing in this journey with Nick and Natalie. Ashley talked about Nick consoling her on the beach and just being there to support her always.

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy via Insta
Nick Viall and Natalie Joy via Instagram

Nick commented back on her post saying how much he truly loves them both and thinks of them as family.

What do you think about Ashley’s touching tribute to Nick and Natalie?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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