Nick Viall Responds To Chris Harrison Calling Him Out

Nick Viall and Chris Harrison via YouTube

Former Bachelor Nick Viall is responding to hearing that Chris Harrison called him out. Chris just released his new podcast this week and within the first two episodes he discussed his Bachelor exit and called out Nick. What exactly happened and how did Nick respond? Keep reading to find out more.

Nick Viall responds to Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison opened up on The Most Dramatic Podcast….Ever! and shared that he knew there were several members of Bachelor Nation gunning for his job. Once Chris left The Bachelor following the controversial interview with Rachel Lindsay, it was up in the air how the show would proceed with hosting duties.

While talking about some who wanted to take his job, Chris threw out Nick’s name. He said, “I knew about certain cast members who were calling in. And the funny thing is, the people who were calling in I knew had no chance to get the job.”

He continued on saying, “Nick wasn’t really strongly against me or said anything. But, you know, I think Nick was one of those among many who probably saw the blood in the water and saw the opportunity of a job that would be really phenomenal. And I had no doubt he wanted that job. But we saw each other at Wells [Adams] and Sarah [Hyland]‘s wedding and gave each other big hugs.”

Chris Harrison via Insta

In the past, Nick has admitted to throwing his name out there as a possible option for the job. However, he was stunned by Chris’ comments. During his own podcast, The Viall Files, it was pointed out to him what Chris said.

Nick said, “So, he said I was gunning for his job? But he didn’t list me as one of the people who reached out?” He continued saying, “I am not mad — I am just disappointed.” Nick concluded, “I think Chris [should] take more accountability for what [he] did. And again, I have never been like Chris’ bestie. I am just disappointed. I am pretty sure Sean Lowe would have taken the job if he was offered it.”

Nick and Natalie via Instagram

Who did Chris think should get his job?

Chris made it known during his podcast that there is one alum who he does think should have been given his job. That person is Wells Adams. Chris had nothing but praise for Wells and said he would have been perfect for the job. In fact, he even said he was surprised it wasn’t Wells. He would have done a good job and Wells is loved by all the fans.

Wells didn’t get the hosting gig, but he is still the bartender on Bachelor in Paradise and fans love it. Last year Wells married the love of his life and the two are simply adorable and everyone loves following their journey.

Wells Adam - Instagram
Wells Adam – Instagram

As for Nick, he is still with Natalie Joy and the two are not only living together but fans are thinking a proposal could be coming soon. Despite their age difference, everyone seems to think they are a good match.

Chris Harrison is engaged to Lauren Zima and is living happily in Austin, Texas.

Chris Harrison, Instagram
Chris Harrison, Instagram

What do you think about Chris and Nick calling each other out?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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