Chris Harrison Shares Cryptic Message About His ‘Bachelor’ Exit

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Former host of The Bachelor Chris Harrison dropped the first two episodes of his new podcast in which he shares feelings about his franchise exit. In fact, one comment he made is rather cryptic and has fans talking. The podcast titled, The Most Dramatic Podcast… Ever allows Chris to reconnect with his followers after his unexpected release from the show. He even shared who he believed would be named as his successor. Keep reading to find out more.

Chris Harrison reveals feelings about The Bachelor franchise

Chris Harrison admitted that his sudden departure from The Bachelor franchise took a toll on him both physically and mentally. He couldn’t eat or sleep and he lost twenty pounds. Since paparazzi was camped out in front of his house he would have to sneak through his neighbor’s yard and have a friend pick him up down the road.

His interview with Rachel Lindsay changed his life. However, he never mentioned her by name. He simply referred to it as the interview. Plus, while he maintains he has no ill will towards the show, he also says he doesn’t watch it and hasn’t since Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. 

Chris also said, “I am sure there are a lot of people that are sitting in Hollywood right now that are nervous as hell that I am doing a podcast.” He continued, “Maybe you should be, because you probably know that I know.” However, his cryptic comment had no further mention and fans are eager to know exactly what he’s talking about.

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Of course, Chris is bound by an NDA which will not allow him to share certain things, he did say that the entire experience gutted him. Chris said, “I was heartbroken. I was gutted.” He continued, “I was embarrassed. I was mad at myself. I was disappointed in myself. The last thing in the world I ever wanted to do was be an agent of anything negative — whether it had to do with race or anything.”

Who he thought would get the hosting job

Chris shared that there were two people he knew that wanted his job. One was Nick Viall. The other was Wells Adams. He said he knew Nick wouldn’t get the job and he hoped that Wells would. Chris shared that Wells was one of the first ones to reach out to him. He believed Wells would be perfect for the role. However, as everyone knows, Jesse Palmer was given the job. Chris never once addressed that point.

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