‘BIP’ Did Kenny Braasch Want Mari Pepin’s Breast Augmentation?

Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch via Insta

Mari Pepin revealed three months ago that she got breast augmentation surgery. Now, the beauty pageant queen is giving fans an update. Plus, she revealed if Kenny Braasch had an influence on her getting the surgery. Keep reading to find out more.

BIP Mari Pepin talks breast augmentation three months later

Mari Pepin underwent breast augmentation surgery three months ago. She is now sharing an update with all her followers. Mari went to YouTube to share all the details about her surgery. Plus find out what she had to say regarding if Kenny influenced her decision to get bigger breasts.

The first thing Mari shared was what kind of implants she got and how big they are. She said, “I have smooth, round, silicone breast implants. They are high profile and they are 255 CCs. CCs is the equivalent of ounces and I think it stands for cubic centimeters. It’s just essentially how big the implant is. The higher the CCs, the bigger the implant. I think the average I see as someone who’s worked in this industry for a long time is about 300 CCs to 350 CCs.”

She also opted for under-the-muscle implants with the cut being under her bust line. Mari went this route so that one day she can perhaps breastfeed when she and Kenny decide to have babies.

Mari went on to say she was looking for a realistic look when she chose what size she wanted to increase to. She wanted something that would fit her figure well without looking too big or fake.

mari and kenny via instagram

Did Kenny influence her decision?

Mari opened up about this question from fans. She pointed out that Kenny has been completely supportive of her decision. However, she also said, “He was not the one who told me or even suggested that I should do this. It was all me and he was just very supportive.”

Mari also shared that she would never change her appearance based on what someone else thought she do with her body. It was 100% her decision to go through with the augmentation. She’s healing up nicely and can’t wait to give fans a small sneak peek this summer when bikini season starts.

She has no regrets and is happy with the results.

Other Bachelor Nation stars have also gone under the knife in recent years for breast surgery. However, neither were to get bigger breasts. Clare Crawley actually had her implants removed and is back to her original size. She says it has improved her life and health so much.

The other alum to get surgery recently was Rachel Recchia. She opted for breast reduction surgery. Rachel’s reason was also for health purposes so she could hopefully do the little things in life like exercise without pain.


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