Tyler Cameron Reveals Dating Status & If He Wants Kids

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Bachelorette fan favorite Tyler Cameron recently revealed if he’s really dating anyone and if he wants to be a father in the future. He has had several well-known girlfriends over the years and many wonder if he’s ready to find the one and settle down. What did he have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Tyler Cameron Talks Dating And How Moving Home Changed Him

Tyler Cameron has been doing a lot of interviews lately to promote his new Amazon Prime reality show titled, Going Home With Tyler Cameron. One of his stops for an interview was with Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile on Bachelor Happy Hour

Serena and Joe dug into the good stuff and asked Tyler about his dating status and if he wanted to have children in the future. He said over the last year going back home to Jupiter, Florida has been the best thing for him. Tyler feels he has grown more from the ages of 30 to 31 than he has in the past five years. He wants to have responsibilities and realizes one can’t do stupid stuff if one wants to settle down.

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Tyler went on to share that dating in New York wasn’t working for him. He said, “The way I was dating before was chasing what glittered and was fun and what was never really good for me. Now, I am home and I am dating in Jupiter and trying to meet people that I relate to and are working and want to raise a family. Being home has really made dating better for me. It has made me zone in on what’s more important than what just glitters. Dating in Jupiter is probably the best thing for me.”

He is dating now and there are rumors going around about who that could be. 

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He Wants To Live A Simple Life

Tyler Cameron is ready to find the one and settle down. He even wants to be a father. He admits he wants five kids. Tyler says he hopes the house he is building now will be the one in which he has at least his first two children. Then, he can upgrade to a bigger place.

He is really trying to “plant his roots” in town and wants to stay in this house for a while. He’s making it how he wants it to be. Tyler wants the simple life and in ten years even sees himself coaching the high school football team.

He said, “This is the life I want to live. It’s simple, easy, and I just got back to being simple.”

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