Gerry Turner’s Daughter Responds To Hate Following Divorce

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Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner’s daughter Angie shared a post in response to all the hate they have been receiving following the divorce. After Gerry and Theresa Nist announced they were dissolving their marriage, some fans got ugly. Many started making assumptions about what went wrong and throwing hateful comments out toward them all. What did Angie have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Gerry Turner’s Daughter Has Spoken About All The Hate

Angie Turner has had enough of the hate that her family and Theresa Nist’s family have been getting. Since the Golden Bachelor couple announced their divorce after three short months of marriage, fans have been less than kind.

While they have gotten some support, the majority seem to be upset by the split. Now, Gerry’s daughter went to Instagram to share her thoughts. She first posted a quote that said, “Everything always works out in the end.”

Then, Angie shared the rest of her thoughts in the caption. She began by praising the Dear Shandy podcast for their take on the divorce. It seems to be one of the only positive ones out there at the moment.

Credit: Gerry Turner Instagram
Credit: Gerry Turner Instagram

She went on to say, “It’s no surprise the news of my Dad and Theresa choosing to split has sparked a range of emotions and opinions. I love how invested people were in the show, what an experience to have you along for the ride!”

Angie continued, “What has been disheartening is the level of rage and cruelty that our family has been met with. My Dad and Theresa are kind, good people that made this decision for them, no one else. I kindly urge everyone to remember that behind every story, there are real people with real feelings.”


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She Thanked Those Who Have Shown Support

Angie Turner also thanked everyone who has shown support for her dad Gerry and his now ex-wife Theresa. She thanked everyone from the bottom of her heart.

Many went to the comments and noted how great their families are. Previously both Angie and Theresa’s daughter Jen spoke out and said they will always be family to each other.

It seems the family will always care about one another.

What do you think about Gerry and Theresa’s divorce? Do you think Angie is right to speak out?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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