‘SW’ SPOILER: Kody Brown Pulled Plug On Marriage To Christine?

Christine Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube 1

Sister Wives continues to heat up and become intense for all the wives and Kody. The tension the pandemic has created is affecting everyone including the kids. The latest episode is leading up to Christmas Day and features Kody Brown having it out with Gabriel over all of the COVID rules. The family appears to be falling apart as the weeks and months drag on through the pandemic. Fans know that Christine Brown left the plural family in recent months. However, now, fans are wondering if it was Kody who pulled the plug on their marriage.

Did Kody Brown pull the plug on marriage to Christine?

The upcoming episodes of Sister Wives show some insight into Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s marriage. The family was able to spend Christmas together. This is the first time they have all been together in quite some time. COVID has kept them all apart. It should have been a happy occasion but Kody was not overjoyed. Christine said it was a good Christmas. However, it was noted how this is the quietest Christmas the plural family has ever had. Ariella also seems to be forgetting who some of her siblings are which displeases fans as well.

Fans know that Christine and Kody have not been the couple they once were since Robyn came into the picture. The wives all know that she is the favorite and Kody spends most of his time with her. Everyone also knows that Christine Brown has left the plural family. Of course, the show will air the events leading up to this split. But, who initiated the breakup?

Christine and Kody Brown/YouTube
Christine and Kody Brown/YouTube

Things start to blow up in next week’s episode of Sister Wives. Viewers will witness Kody telling Christine he is no longer interested in an intimate relationship with her. So, is his comments the reason Christine threw in the towel and left? It appears as though that could have been the breaking point for her. Kody comes by her house to find that she has moved all of his belongings out. It looks like this is the beginning of the end of Kody and Christine’s marriage.

Alienating the family

Christine isn’t the only one Kody seems to be alienating. In a recent episode, Meri reveals that Kody told her he only wants to be friends with her. She noted how she feels like an outsider.

He seems to also be alienating his children. Kody has it out with Gabriel this week. The two are arguing over all the COVID protocols Kody has put in place. Gabe refuses to stop seeing his girlfriend Peyton during the pandemic. Gabe also notes that Kody has not even tried to get to know Peyton. He doesn’t even know what she looks like.

Kody Brown and Gabriel Brown via YouTube
Kody Brown and Gabriel Brown

It seems Kody is destroying his family with all his rules. As a result, he’s arguing with everyone. Is the plural family about to come to an end?

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Jamie Colclasure


  1. It’s over ! Cody should just go ahead and split from the others. But he would have to pay child support so he will hang on a couple more years till they are 18 and then he’s free for Robyn and her misfits 😬.

  2. I absolutely think Kody and Robyn are the only couple but I won’t drag down children though, even Robyn’s. You can bet the two have carried on for months, if not years about how dreadful it is acting with the others. Are we, the viewers stupid? Kody dropped Mery and still shames her any chance he gets, now Christine and tonight Janelle? Come on, Kody and be a man and end the show before you trash the mothers of your 16 children and disgrace your whole family.

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