Kody Brown & Robyn’s Intimate Moment Caught In Public Again

kody and robyn brown youtube

Just one month ago, Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted shopping for unmentionables. Now, one Sister Wives fan has spotted them in an intimate act in public once again. What exactly did a fan spot Kody and Robyn Brown doing? And, why doesn’t he ever do these intimate and sexy things with his other wives? Fortunately, this fan didn’t just spot Kody and Robyn Brown in an intimate act. They stopped and snapped a photo of it. Keep scrolling for the details and to see a photo.

Kody Brown/Robyn Brown/YouTube
Kody Brown/Robyn Brown/YouTube

Fans previously spotted them shopping for unmentionables

It was just a month ago that Kody Brown and Robyn were spotted at a shopping mall. They were at Victoria’s Secret to be more specific. Fans suspected they were stocking up for sexy time. According to fan chatter, they were not actually shopping with the photo was snapped. Turns out, they were returning to the store after a previous shopping trip. The individual who snapped the photo revealed Kody and Robyn had left a bag behind from a previous shopping trip. They returned to the store to get it.

kody brown and robyn brown youtube

The big takeaway from the pictures of this trip to the mall that had fans reeling, however, was the lack of face masks. Kody Brown applied so much pressure on his family about COVID. Yet, he was hanging out at a shopping mall with Robyn and no face masks.

kody and robbyn brown screenshot facebook

Kody and Robyn Brown enjoy intimate meal

Kody Brown and his favorite wife Robyn were spotted enjoying an intimate meal together by a fan. The photo has made rounds on every social media platform. Sister Wives fans are floored that Kody would dine in public with Robyn after making such a big deal out of how scary COVID was. Fans also thought it was interesting that Robyn was the only wife ever spotted in public with Kody. Did he ever go out and spend time with his other wives? Outside of filming, does he have a relationship with Meri or Janelle?

Sister Wives fans were also quick to take notice of the lack of children in the photo. Fans assume Kody Brown and Robyn’s nanny was taking care of the children while they enjoyed a romantic and intimate meal together. Unsurprisingly, fans across multiple social media platforms have had nothing kind to say about this photo.

Robyn and Kody intimate photo - twitter

Does it surprise you to see Robyn and Kody Brown having an intimate meal in public together? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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  1. Why is it that they’re making all these long applications but yet Robin can have a nanny when no one else had a nanny and what makes her think that she sits at home and earns no money that the other women have to pay for her children her nanny her house her food while she does nothing to help the family

  2. Look this guy is NOT worth all this attention. The so called other wives need to cut him loose and start to date hot sexy younger men and leave him with his legal wife which says it all…Cmon ladies show this guy who’s the boss lady!

  3. He is a disgusting hypocrite. And I have defended Robyn, but no more. How dare he go to a mall, but not to a hospital to see his girl have major surgery. SHE CRIED FOR YOU. I hope ALL of his kids see this.

    1. Totally agree! What a jerk!!! He can go to the mall MASKLESS but couldn’t go be with his daughter through a major surgery!🤮

    2. I agree! He’s not in flagstaff bec he didn’t want to be seen. No mask! He’s such an ass. The recent episode where he did not hug his son after the talk they had n you could see that the boy was hurting. That did it for me. They so need to drop the zero n get a hero n leave him all to Robin w her ” innocent” role she plays. Girl plz!! A fan no more! Cody just likes control.

    3. I agree with Sharon. He can go to a mall, to VS & out with Robyn, but not be with his child for spinal surgery?! Shame on him. He’s such a coward about covid when things are back to normal everywhere… now he’s apparently just using it as an excuse.

  4. Robin is the favorite, she knows it, we know it and anyone that doesn’t must be blind and deaf. I have never cared for her from day one but even more so now. I think these strict rules are Robin’s and Cody is lying and saying they are his. Regardless, how Cody has treated the other wives and children is gross all while he puts Robin on a pedestal. Mary and Janelle would be wise to follow in Christine’s footsteps and leave!

  5. He has fallen in love with only Robyn, I think it’s something they both really wanted, it’s sad for the other wives and the children, what’s going to happen to the show? Cuz it’s about polygamy

    1. That’s why they are all still going along with this farce, the paycheck. I hope they pull the plug on this show and stop providing parasites like Cody and Robin with a paycheck. Million dollar houses and no job, wth? And other than boinking multiple women what does this family do with their religion? If I were in the same church I would be furious at the horrible representation of my beliefs. Again, wth?

  6. I think Meri and Janelle both should leave .I think Cody has finally fell for a wife, one who abides by his rules and makes him feel like the boss of the family. He worries about the others leaving because he needs their income. He has made it clear to Meri and Christine he is not interested in having an intimate relationship with them. Janelle is next due to the excuse of not following the Covid rules. Robin is his only wife, the other two are income. Nothing more. These women should set examples for all the girls in that bunch and leave just like Christine instead of continuing to be used.

  7. I have watched from the very beginning..
    What I see is Kody still wants to control all the wives and kids but he only wants to be with the favored Robin, he is a selfish person all I have heard is loyalty and respect to him but not his to the other wives except Robin.
    Not sure where this is going to go but I would be happy if Jenelle and Mary both left the family and continue to choose their kids over a man even their father.
    Christine I never cared for her jealousy and she stayed to the point Kody told her he was not interested in intamacy with her of course not he with Robin the youngest wife and only legal wife because Mary stepped aside which was the downfall to her mental health and Kody didn’t care..this family has become sad.
    But this 2 years of covid has destroyed a lot.

  8. Shame on them, such hypocrites! Cody is a horrible father. His daughter underwent major surgery and he stayed home. Only to go to the mall and out to eat in a restaurant. He rants and raves about his covid guidelines only to break his own rules . Robyn defends her nanny only to find out the nanny infected them. What do you have to say about that. The family didn’t do wrong, cody and Robyn brought the illness to the family.

  9. Robin was the beginning of the end for the “original Browns. Meri’s need for an “ally” started the ball rolling.

  10. he is a fake. He brings up his ridiculous Covid rules only when it’s convenient for him and his priorities are all screwed up.He hides behind this religion

  11. Ya!!! It’s Taken Me This Long To Find Out What This Lifestyle Is Really All About. For The Wives. And The One Husband. No Commitment. No Divorce. But Pool All The Money. And If Things Go Sour. It’s An Easy Bye…. Bye.

  12. Why this should come as a surprise to anyone, don’t know why. Robin is running Kody, not the other way around. She made the rules and demanded Kody follow them. From day one she took to Meri, because she was the only legal wife and she knew she had to find a way to get Kody to marry her and divorce Meri. Robin is sneaky, a VIPER sits and waits, then when you least expect it, they make their move. That is what she did and continues to do. At that dinner, she was probably telling Kody what his next move needs to be. What is Robin going to do when all the wives leave and he brings in 3 much younger, that are very fertile? What she has done from day 1, it will come back and get her. That is called KHARMA!!. Go be with your daughter and her fiancee Meri and be happy. Janelle, go be with your kids in Utah, be happy. You both deserve alot of happiness, as well as Christine. Robin will run you 2 out of the family as well, just like she did Christine, sooner or later because she plots behind your back ladies, open your eyes real soon. PLEASE.

  13. He only wants the one whom he has stated, is “the obedient wife”. Very sad first for all the other wives children and second, for the other wives! Get out Meri and Janelle! Run, fast!!

  14. This guy is a joke, controlling hypocrite & disgusting human being. Why does anyone watch this group of pathetic adults? Do his “sister wives” know how stupid they look? Merit the dried old prune, Janelle the fat victim, Robin the cry baby, and Christine who finally got a clue after decades of being taken advantage of…not a winner in the group!

  15. He is a complete idiot. If Robin stays with him then they deserve each other she has to know down deep he really doesn’t.care about the other sister wives he wants her because he is only attracted to her come on and Janelle is smart.she won’t stay. Good job Christine and Mary get out in the world and find someone that deserves you

  16. I don’t know how any of them can stay with him or want him back. He is selfish and rude. He doesn’t care about his wives or his kids unless he can actually control everything they do. He has one set of rules for him and another for them. How can any of these women reapect him at all is beyond me. He made vows to Mari but has tossed her aside. He made vows to Janelle but has tossed her aside. He made vows to Christine and tossed her aside expecting she would just wait on the sidelines and take his scraps. His ego couldn’t have it when she stood up and said no more. Good for her, now I hate to see families torn apart but I hate to see abuse more. He is emotionally abusing these women and kids and it is wrong on every level. Im so proud of the kids who are standing up to him and saying no more.

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