Kody Brown Spends Thanksgiving With His Two ‘Loyal’ Wives

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Kody Brown was emphatic about what needed to be done for the family to gather for Thanksgiving 2020. He laid out the rules in print and the four wives were able to look them over. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned and Thanksgiving left them as a plural family divided. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody saw who his true loyal wives were.

Kody Brown’s Overbearing Rules

When the pandemic first began, Kody preferred if his family quarantined and was safe. That way they could gather sooner rather than later. He made the executive decision to rotate between the homes to lower the risks but soon saw where he should not go. Christine, he felt, was traveling too much while Janelle did not feel it was safe to have him on rotation. Two of her sons were out in the world, at school and working, and she did not want to risk jeopardizing anyone.

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[Screenshot | YouTube]
It came at a cost because Janelle went weeks without seeing Kody. Eventually, he wanted her to kick the two boys, Gabe and Garrison, out of the house. He believed they were the safety risks keeping him from coming around. As for Christine, she admitted he came by once in a while but it was rare. Kody never came by Meri’s as their thirty-year marriage had dwindled to friendship. Robyn abides by his very strict rules solely so she could have him in her life and it worked.

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YouTube TLC Sister Wives Christine, Ysabel Brown

When the wives sat down to discuss Thanksgiving and how they could all gather, it was about who could adhere to the rules. Christine spoke to her kids in Utah and it was not feasible. Yet, Aspyn and Mitch had invited them to their home so that is where they went joined by Mykelti. Since Gabe and Garrison were not welcomed at Robyn’s, Janelle chose her sister’s in Utah, as well. Finally, Meri wanted to keep the family unity alive so she stuck around with Robyn and Kody. Now, there is a divide and Kody is playing new favorites.

Kody’s Loyal Wives

Since Meri followed all the proper rules, she was able to have a reunion with Robyn’s five kids prior to the holiday. It made for a seamless transition to Thanksgiving. Though it was hard for them not to have all of the fanfare, they were appreciative to have Meri around them. Christine had an extremely relaxing time in Utah, almost a foreshadowing of things to come. The same went for Janelle and her kids. However, Christine did video chat with the family back in Flagstaff whereas Janelle forgot.

Sister Wives Credit: TLC

At the table, Kody Brown looked around at Robyn, Meri, and all of the kids. He shared, in his confessional, he could finally see who was loyal to him and who was not. He had his loyal wives around him regardless of his status with Meri. As long as there was some semblance of holiday spirit, at least for the kids, that is all that should matter.

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