‘Sister Wives’: Garrison & Gabriel Refuse To Submit To Kody Brown

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As the drama continues to heat up on this season of Sister Wives, Garrison and Gabriel refuse to submit to their father Kody Brown. This refusal to submit to their father and his demands provokes a heated conversation between their mother and father. The conversation results in Kody feeling dissed and dismissed by his wife Janelle as she makes it clear she stands with her sons. The conversation also causes Kody to take issue with Janelle’s parenting of their children.

Sister Wives: Garrison and Gabriel refuse to submit to their father

Garrison and Gabriel have made it clear they will not submit to their father Kody’s demands when it comes to COVID-19. During a recent teaser from the next new episode, Janelle explains that Kody found out Gabriel and Garrison were being way more social than he realized during the pandemic.

This presented a problem for Kody because he wants to spend time with Janelle and his daughter Savanah. He proceeds to blame Garrison and Gabriel for refusing to submit to his rules and putting him in a place where he couldn’t see his wife or daughter.

Kody noted the decisions Gabriel and Garrison were making with socializing outside of the family were ruining his relationship with both Janelle and Savanah. So, Kody put his foot down. He told Janelle she needed to kick Garrison out of the house. Kody Brown argued that Garrison is an adult. And, if Garrison refused to obey his COVID-19 family rules, he needed to leave.

Kody Brown/YouTube
Kody Brown/YouTube

Janelle has gone behind Kody Brown’s back too

Earlier in this season, Janelle and Christine admitted that they have gone behind Kody’s back. They have broken the rules and spent time at each other’s houses. Garrison and Gabriel may not respect Kody’s COVID-19 rules, but neither do their mothers Christine or Janelle. They fessed up to the fact that they spent time together and the kids were seeing each other during the family social distanced BBQ.

During the conversation with her husband, Janelle Brown puts her foot down. She makes it clear she would not throw her son Garrison out of the house. She didn’t care if he was an adult. Janelle points out that she and Kody have always helped make sure their children launched their adult life in a way that was successful and they were living in a difficult world right now. She refused to kick Garrison out simply because he wouldn’t submit to his father’s rules.

Kody Brown Janelle YouTube TLC
Kody Brown Janelle YouTube TLC

What do you think about Garrison and Gabriel refusing to submit to their father’s rules? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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  1. Janelle is a level headed, reasonable woman. I am sure she has had plenty of experience taking care of issues with many subjects in day to day life without Kody’s input. This is just a smoke and mirror show on Kody’s part to create a crisis. Kody is, once again, trying to control and upstage his family members. He hasn’t been interested in being involved in most of his family members lives and now he wants to throw his authority around? He must be feeling very out of control. Kody needs to sit down and really have a talk with himself. Stop blaming others for your own failings in your relationships. We’re not buying it. You haven’t been there for any of your family, unless it suits your own agenda. Janelle is doing the best she can. At least these kids have one constant, mature, rational parent. Janelle has this, she’s had to be the constant hands on parent, while dealing with a man child. Is it safe to be unvaccinated? In my opinion, no. Every family is dealing with part of their family and friends who do not believe this is real. Kicking the kids out only puts them more at risk. I’m sure Janelle would prefer they took every precaution there is for covid. She loves and worries about their well being. She’s more apt to get further with them than demanding and trying two boys who are nearing adulthood. Kody needs to stop blustering and help them realize they are at risk, just as every other person walking around out there that’s denying this is a reality that could cost them more than they may be prepared to face losing.

    1. Kody needs to go and sit down some where with his evil minded self he wants to control everything and everyone hooray for Janelle and Meri he’s made it very clear he only 💘 Robyn so why should anyone listen to him this sisters wives premiere is playing out bye bye Kody

      1. I really hope they keep filming Christine since she left. I really interested in how she is doing with her new freedom. Janelle and Meri basically live single lives anyways. Robyn is young and doesnt understand because she came from a bad first marriage. Kody thinks he is the next God and talks down to his wives. Hell he talks down to the viewers when he does his interviews. The women are so different from eaxh other and even their parenting styles. Id like the show to show us more of that. And the older kids now married and on their own. Especially ysabel living with maddie and how aspyn is doing and mykelti with baby Avalon.

      2. You are so right.Ever since Robyn came into the picture all I see is favortism
        .Kody uses the excuse of the Covid Pandemic to spend all his time with Robyn.When he is around Robyn he greets her with a kiss and leaves her with a kiss.It is all about Kody and. Robyn and her children.

    2. Cody is acting like a spoiled brat. After telling everyone he just doesn’t care anymore, girls, take your money and RUN. HE DOESNT DESERVE YOU.

  2. Kody likes to present himself as “head” of his family, which is an archaic principle. This is the 21st century! Who is he, to create unilateral rules for the family?

    Each of the wives support themselves and their children…and from all appearances, they support Kody, too – which kind of makes him another child, not the “head” of anything, and certainly not a role model for his kids.
    How any of these women – or their children, put up with his nonsensical posturing is beyond me. Christine got it right.

  3. Cody wake up have everyone get the Covid 19 shot and where masks when they go out. Then this wouldn’t be such a problem. You and Robin living in this bubble is just a dangerous if not more. But Then again it really showed your true feelings for Mary all along. I wish she would just wake up and find someone who would only love care for her as much as she giving to this whole family. Cause with them it’s only been about Mary’s money how much she contributes. He always puts Robin wants cares and needs in front of all the wife’s and if he had to to pick just one it would be Robin she has him rap. They would all be a fool to stay with this child any longer they need to cut ties all together.

  4. Kody is a pompous a** Gabe said it best when he said if he caught covid nothing would change Kody would still refuse to be around them bc he knows this has never been about covid at all and him getting to have a monogamous marriage with only Robyn and her kids they already alienate Solomon and Ari from the rest of the family bc they obviously don’t respect the other wives and don’t want their kids around their brothers and sisters yet they let their kids to to school where I can guarantee most their friends families don’t follow strict covid rules so it’s ok for the kids to be around people at school that probably are still social yet not their own songs even truly it’s Kody and Robyn’s way or no way at all Kody doesn’t love any of his wives anymore except Robyn he’s a controlling mentally and emotionally abusive husband that gives pologomy a bad name cancel this show and replace him with a real husband that actually loves his wives the older kodys kids get the less interested he is in his wives it’s so obvious weird how he wanted Logan makeltye and Aspen to stay living at home When theybwere adults but wants Gabe and garrison to leave bc they don’t bow down to him every time he walks in the room Robyn needs to cut the chord to Solomon and Ari those kids are gonna be recluses that are lonely bc she’s so overbearing since Solomon had rsv one time as an infant guess what all 3 of my kids had it once landed in the hospital for a week do I keep them from their family no I’m so sick of that excuse or how there is always a health problem. With one of her kids can you say munchousens (I know that’s spelled. Wrong but you get it) she either makes her kids sick or pretends they are bc she hated the rest of the family

    1. I have a child with cancer, undergoing chemotherapy. We take precautions and isolate if she is severely neutropenic. But her oncologists have cleared her to see family as long as they aren’t sick and they are washing hands, being careful. Everytime she says ” Solomon is high risk cause he had RSV as a baby”, it makes me want to throat punch her. HE IS NOT FREAKING HIGH RISK!! Its 100% an excuse and her being controlling.

  5. Janelle is doing right by her kids.. I like how he said he wants to spend more time with his wife and daughter.. Give me a break!!! He doesn’t want Meri.. Christine has left and now Janelke stands up with him.. The only one he truly wants is Robin.. The way he grabbed their son on Coyote property was wrong.. He hurt that Lil boy and really that Lil boy didn’t want to be therewith him.. Also what does Robin do that she has a Nanny?? What job does Kody have???

    1. Janelle and Meri are single moms. They are working and earning their own living. Just wondering; why they need Kody. Kody has his wife and he loves Roby.
      Janelle and Meri..go away and enjoy your freedom. You don’t need kody. Life will be 100 times better than it’s now.
      Terrible admid that your life with kody has been a big misstake

  6. Kody is a jackass. My heart bleeds for his kids. He is a joke. His wives need to leave him and tell him to go to hell. What a joke!!! Kody and Eyebrow Robin deserve each other. Both think they are above everyone he’ll. Grow up Kody and act like a man. Oh wait….. he is just a little boy.

    1. You are not kidding about the eyebrows. What is she doing to them? She looks ridiculous. Her head seems to be squarer and her chin is pointier with each passing season.

  7. Kody is a jackass. My heart bleeds for his kids. He is a joke. His wives need to leave him and tell him to go to hell. What a joke!!! Kody and Eyebrow Robin deserve each other. Both think they are above everyone. Grow up Kody and act like a man. Oh wait….. he is just a little boy.

  8. Once again, Kody makes everything about him. He keeps spouting off how he is the leader of his family, yet he continues to rant and pout like a petulant child and wants to be seen as a victim in all of this. He can’t or won’t see the damage he is doing to his family that will last much longer than Covid/quarantine time. This isn’t about safety. It’s about control and he can’t stand the thought that anyone stands up to him.

  9. Are they really not vaccinated? Is that what all of Codys paranoia is about? Id like clarification on that. As for Mary I understand why she stays and its not for Cody. Its a big family and there are a ton of relationships between all of them that have nothing to do with Cody. Do you expect Mary to give up a lifetime with everyone? Hell no. Honestly Cody would not be worth it to me to sacrifice all the rest. It is sad to see Marys yearning for a real marriage with him but as time goes on shes gotten stronger.

    In some ways Cody is acting very immature. His reaction to Mary and the whole catchfishing thing was to shut down and reject her out of hand. He thinks he was betrayed and cant get around his own ego enough to see his own role it. Then theres his push for the one house deal. Christine stood in opposition to him and so again he rejects and ostrasizes her. He didnt get his way so he lashes out. Now its the lack of understanding over Covid. His almost adult sons refuse to cooperate with his rules so he punishes them and their Mom by rejecting them too. When the one house deal fell apart he about had a temper fit with polygomy all together and pouted that he might not want it anymore. Its all ego based and the guy needs to grow up. He is holding himself in opposition to his wives instead of seeking a mutual connection, thru love and compromise.

    As for Christine, her circumstances are different than Mary. Christine has lots of kids and lots of family in Utah that would support her. Shes said she feels on the outside looking in with her sister wives and Codys rejection just amplifies all that. Christine doesnt need the other family connections the way Mary does. So she left and Im glad she did. Everyone deserves to be loved and Cody made his lack of attraction for her public and brutal.

    He better watch out bc Janelle is also strong and surrounded by strong relationships with her kids. Janelle is awesome and has always been willing to compromise. Shes a true team player and very tolerant of Cody. But you ask a Mom to kick out her kids? What Mom would ever accept that ultimatum? Cody stepped way over the line. He better shift gears pronto or Janelle will feel forced to make a move too.

  10. It is Janelle’s house, so she decides the rules there. If my kids wanted to live with me they would get vaccine and respect the rules when going out. Or get out. Kody is an a$$, what a douche.

  11. Most has an inflated ego. He thinks he is all he used to be with his thinning hair, receding hairline and belly that he hides under those plaid shirts. He’s a butt. Those women and children are tired of going from state to state and putting up with his BS. Actually I don’t even see what Robin sees in him or what he sees in her. She is the week one of the four.

  12. I’m just so confused by all of this “keeping distance” from family members!?!? Are they not VACCINATED??? And if not, why not?
    If they were, then there’s nothing to worry about. I have lots of members in my immediate family. Some are vaccinated, and some aren’t. If the unvaccinated want to get together with the entire family, we just ask them to get a Covid test. Easy peasy.
    This is why I don’t understand the drama and PARANOIA of Kody Brown’s. Am I missing something which seems like such a logical solution!?!?!?!

  13. why does kody go on so much about people breaking covid rules when all along he has being going from house to house as usual surely he is a much higher risk

  14. I agree about kody, but at the same time, those boys always thought covid wasn’t real either. I forget which one has the girlfriend, but he wants to hang out with her no matter what. That was all early on in the pandemic. I’m sure now a lots changed with them since it’s not as bad now, but won’t know until next season.

  15. Hurray for Janelle for picking her sons, regardless if they’re adults or not. Always a mother, Kody should be ashamed of himself. Covid or no covid, those are your children. I don’t see what the problem is. He chose to have multiple wives, which he has many children. Family is still family. He should wear a mask if he has a problem.

    1. Good for Janelle!! 👏🏼🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️. Because I have a 19 year old son and if my husband his father tried to kick him out/told me to kick him out… That fool would go before my child. Kody is losing control of his big family and he needs to realize that. I feel no one really wants to be around or listen to him besides Robin and her brood. And maybe. (not really maybe ) its because he shows favoritism to her whole house and not to any other wife or child. He was probably happy that they were being “defiant” had a reason to run back to Robins home!!! I cant wait until they all wake up and he finally sees that its his own fault that his kids and wives want nothing to do with his narcissistic A$$! Kudos to Janelle cause I woulda done the same dam-n thing. ❤️🙃

  16. Get home tests if your that paranoid but the adult kids shouldn’t have to live in a bubble because of Kody and Robin. Kody just wants to control everything and everybody and they are saying enough is enough we are not puppets

  17. Kody thinks he’s the man. Poor Mary … she needs to find her man that only wants her. Janelle the same… she is smart , and good mom. Robin looks old with square face and when she face cries. He is so unattractive, and Robin is most unattractive. Christine was beautiful and Janelle and Mary pretty … but SpongeBob square is awkward. He needs to give up his perm already. I think Robin feels like she won…since he treats other woman the way he does. But he’s gross and no trophy . Christine got out , good for her. I feel sorry for All his kids . He treats those kids like they only belong to mom. Poor Christine’s daughter was in tears over him not going to her surgery. Poor child. The video chats to get together is a joke. He only care about SpongeBob square and that’s fine . They make the best grossest couple. The others are too good for him. His philosophy on life is stupid and divorcing Mary to marry SpongeBob to ” adopt her kids” I believe was a excuse. She truthfully thought it was funny and he spiritually married Mary. Ughh Poor Mary her longing for his touch breaks my heart … he makes it clear not Interested in the clips where he speaks to camera. Maybe this year she will see its almost about Robin square pants and leave his permed butt. This show should be cancelled. I think he’s a broke Joke !!!

  18. Kody has changed so much sense the 1st season. Total A** Now. He has made it very clear he doesn’t love his other wives, except snobby controlling Robin. Her fake crying, and claims she cares about everything going on, during the private camera talk. Makes me upset so fake ! He refused to go to his daughter’s surgery because of Robin claims her kids can’t be away from him that long. Yet his majority of kids have been away alot longer, and ignored by him. Its Robin way or else. Think she wants to be the only wife now, and not in polgromy anymore. The other wives need to leave him now, like christine did. She seems much happier now. Hope they leave, and find a good, caring man.

  19. I am so over this whole COVID drama. Kody, please do some better research and get the REAL facts on COVID. Quit listening to the doctors since their goal is to just make money from the fake pandemic.

    So proud of Janelle and your kids. You guys are wide awake and your know exactly what is really happening in this world.

  20. I think it’s stupid that the whole family has to social distance from each other except him, doesn’t he think he can spread it to them going from home to home? Either completely stop going or let everyone spend time together, he’s the one putting everyone in this situation by having way too many kids and wives. The kids didn’t choose this lifestyle.

  21. Kody has a really bad attitude, he chose to marry 4 woman yet neglects 3 of them, he is a poor example of a plural husband, he is doing a terrible job at maintaining his family and should be ashamed of himself. Period! Grow up and be a husband before you loose the other 3.

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