‘Sister Wives’: See Meri Brown’s Emotional Reunion

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Sister Wives fans have watched as the pandemic pulled the Brown family even further apart. Moving from Las Vegas to Flagstaff was already a huge adjustment. Their living situation went from four homes in a cul-de-sac where they could go from home to home to miles apart. In Vegas, the eighteen siblings had easy access to one another as did the wives if they chose to interact. They had enough autonomy but not too much to where it was completely divisive. This completely went out the window when the Coyote Pass land was not ready to be built on. Furthermore, COVID hit and the once super close unit would not quarantine together. Therefore, separate rules for each wife.

Meri Brown was hit hardest by the pandemic because she had no one to really interact with as her daughter was watching her inn in Utah. She admitted it was very hard to not be around Robyn’s youngest kids, Solomon and Ari. They had an extremely close bond and she loved watching them grow. Since she had been extremely careful and isolated, it appeared it was time to break the chain and finally have the reunion she’d been waiting for.

Sister Wives Divided

To be clear, the pandemic was not the catalyst in dividing the wives. Right before it started, Janelle voiced she wanted better communication with the women. It was a hot topic and a long time coming. They had stopped traveling and doing fun things as a unit. It was as if they were just existing. The last adventure the family went on was to visit wedding venues with Meri and Kody’s daughter, Mariah, and her partner, Audrey. Even while they were searching, talk turned to the emergence of COVID.

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Once it hit, Kody had to figure out a way to balance all of his wives while still being safe. Janelle’s home was the hardest as she had two sons still actively out in the world due to school and work. Christine was traveling for work and eventually Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery. As for Meri, they had come to the conclusion their thirty-year marriage was nothing but a friendship. Kody proceeded to spend nearly nine months holed up at Robyn’s because she was the only one who followed his pandemic rules super precisely.

As it turned out, so did Meri. Like Robyn, she would do what needed to be done to get him to come by and be close to her. The one thing she admitted she missed was being around Robyn’s kids. They started to see there was no reason why Meri could not come by since she had been safe. At first, Robyn did not want it to look like favoritism but in the end, it was quite the opposite. Meri did what needed to be done to gather. Finally, Meri will have the reunion she has been waiting for the tears are flowing.

The Big Reunion

Though they have seen each other at socially distanced events, it will be the first time Meri can actually have physical contact with Robyn’s kids in months. In a preview for the latest episode, Meri is over the moon to be able to see the kids again. Robyn notes they have been extremely careful since everything began yet her family is very affectionate. So, to be around their extended family at events and be told to stay six feet away has been hard.

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When Meri knocks on the door, they ask Solomon if he wants to get it and he is blown away that he is allowed to touch her. He opens the door and is like a kid on Christmas with how excited he is to be able to hug her. All of the five kids rush to hug and squeeze her, tears running down their faces. Meri is holding a phone to document the whole emotionally beautiful experience.

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They just keep hugging her with Robyn noting Meri is the kind to not make a big deal out of things like that. Yet it is hard going from no contact to so much love. Watch it all play out when Sister Wives airs Sunday on TLC.


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  1. Robyn will always be indebted to Meri for divorcing Kody in order to help secure his adoption of Robyn’s kids. It’s good to see how Robyn has encouraged her children’s s love for Meri and allowed the reunion.

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