‘Sister Wives’: Did Mariah And Audrey Tie The Knot?

Credit: Audrey Kriss IG

On the latest episode of Sister Wives, Meri went to spend time at her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. While she was there, she got to bond with her daughter, Mariah and her fiance, Audrey. They had been watching the inn during COVID to keep Meri’s mother, Bonnie safe. It was supposed to be a big celebration to honor the 150th birthday of the inn. Unfortunately, the pandemic forced Meri to keep it all virtual. So, she included other momentous occasions including her daughter’s upcoming nuptials. So, did the two ever officially tie the knot?

Sister Wives Pre-Pandemic Wedding Planning

Prior to COVID, the wives, Kody, Mariah, and Audrey all went to look at venues for the wedding. It was actually during the venue search that they started to see the virus become real. Still, the couple set a firm August date and were hopeful it could be achieved. Their lives were abruptly shifted when they were rushed out of Chicago and moved to Flagstaff. Cases were down there and it was much safer for them.

Sister Wives Credit: Audrey Kriss IG
Credit: Audrey Kriss IG

Meri soon had a request for her daughter. Since her mom, Bonnie had been running her inn in Utah, she worried any COVID exposure could be dangerous. She was getting older and was in a high-risk group. Therefore, Meri asked Mariah and Audrey if they would mind switching places with Bonnie for the time being. The couple had no problems with the swap at all.

Sister Wives Credit: Meri Brown IG
Credit: Meri Brown IG

Kody, for his part, was upset he missed seeing them. He knew they had come to quarantine for two weeks with Meri. However, he has no idea they had just left to go to Utah because he and Meri did not communicate that well. He also had laid down some pretty heavy pandemic ground rules which often prevented him from seeing some kids. Finally, in August, Meri headed down to Utah for the celebration. This included a celebration of Mariah and Audrey, as well.

Did Mariah and Audrey Tie The Knot?

Meri was sharing special moments virtually to commemorate the anniversary of the inn. One of the first things she did was celebrate the one-year countdown to Mariah and Audrey’s wedding. The two were set to tie the knot on August 29th, 2021. Following the excitement of the countdown announcement, Mariah and her mom had a banana bread bake-a-long. This is where Meri noted how much closer she and Mariah have become. The two went through a really hard rough patch after the catfishing incident.

Credit: Meri Brown IG
Credit: Meri Brown IG

Then, Mariah announced she was gay. Meri was extremely supportive and they continued to build. Now, she supports Mariah and her partner incredibly. Yet, a lot has happened over the past year and it appears it has surpassed them getting married. COVID is still very prevalent while Mariah graduated from Loyola Chicago in 2021, as well.

Another big change is Audrey came out as transgender at the beginning of the month. After a brief Instagram hiatus, they took to social media to share the news. They garnered much support, including love from Meri. So, it seems the wedding is on hold for now but they still have a lot of love and a lot to celebrate.

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