‘Sister Wives’ Fans Highlight Kody Brown’s Most Abusive Remarks

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What are some of Kody Brown’s most abusive remarks to his wives and children? Keep reading to find out what Sister Wives fans remember coming out of the family patriarch’s mouth.

Sister Wives patriarch at odds with his kids

So far in Season 16, viewers have seen Kody Brown butt heads with wives Janelle and Christine over his strict COVID-19 restrictions for the family. Christine has since ended her marriage to the polygamist.

In fact, Season 16 could possibly document the split, as it was filmed in 2020 and Kody Brown’s third wife announced her decision in November of 2021.

In the upcoming episode, it seems Kody and Janelle’s son Gabriel Brown has a tense confrontation with his father. The TLC preview clip teases an emotional conversation where Kody says Gabe chose spending time with his girlfriend instead of with his family.

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However, the harsh words are hardly the first Kody Brown has uttered to a family member. What else has he said that has stuck with fans over the years?

Fans look back on Kody Brown’s most abusive remarks

Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to discuss Kody Brown and his most abusive remarks to his wives and children. Several users replied with the most memorably harsh remark they’ve heard Kody say.

But one Redditor asked when isn’t Kody verbally abusive? “My first thought! But has he said anything not emotionally abusive? Even his praise for Robyn is just used as another way to shade the others,” they said.

Several users mentioned the situation with Gabe. Specifically, that Kody Brown wanted Janelle to evict her sons for not following COVID-19 protocols.

One fan of the show wrote, “Telling Janelle he’d kick both of his kids out of the house (and regretting that legally he can’t since he’s not on the lease).” The comment received over 500 upvotes.

Did he diss Christine in this comment to Ysabel?

Gabriel and Garrison Brown aren’t his only kids that Kody is verbally abusive to, according to fans. On the Reddit thread, many took issue with the things he said to Ysabel Brown before and after her back surgery.

The family patriarch disagreed with the surgery but also refused to travel with Christine and Ysabel due to COVID concerns. He further irked fans by calling the surgery trip a “vacation.”

However, there was another comment made to Ysabel that really turned viewers off. When explaining to Ysabel why he couldn’t go with her, he said, “You’re not going to become a bitter old housewife because your daddy didn’t do this for you?”

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Kody Brown via YouTube

Many fans took that comment as a veiled diss at Ysabel’s mother, Christine.

Meri Brown at the receiving end of hurtful comment

Christine and Janelle aren’t the only wives talked harshly to by Kody. Over the years, he’s said some hurtful things to – and about – his first wife, Meri Brown.

Despite her best efforts at renewing their romance, he insists time and again that they are just friends. However, fans also think the Kody Brown leads Meri on, dropping hints that she could win back his affection.

One Redditor called Kody Brown out for his behavior toward Meri.

“I’m still lost traumatized by him telling Meri she had to be more lovable,” they said.

You can read more of the remarks considered verbally abusive on the Reddit thread here.

Do you agree with Sister Wives fans that Kody Brown is verbally abusive to his wives and kids? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Cody is one of the biggest jerks I have ever seen. He has to be control and doesn’t like when someone stands up to him. I hope all his wives leave him. He doesn’t deserve any of them

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