‘Sister Wives’ Fans OVER Robyn Brown’s Pettiness

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Sister Wives fans are over Robyn Brown’s pettiness. For a while, it appeared that some fans gave Kody Brown’s fourth wife the benefit of the doubt. Some fans even remain on the fence about their feelings for Robyn. Now, it seems that there is an overwhelming number of Sister Wives viewers that are done with Robyn Brown after it seems she took a dig at Ysabel. Keep reading to find out what Robyn’s done to spark fan outrage this time.

Why Kody Didn’t Go With Ysabel For Spine Surgery

During the Season 15 finale of Sister Wives, fans were enraged when Kody Brown refused to go with his daughter, Ysabel, and her mother, Christine, for life-changing spinal surgery. Kody was adamant it was not a good idea to travel during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some fans thought it was because Robyn didn’t want Kody away from her and her kids for that long.

The father of 18 says:

I’m not traveling with Christine and Ysabel on the way to surgery, I’m not going to surgery, I think it’s very risky. I also feel like a total hypocrite if I’m not keeping the rules that I’m asking – begging, literally begging – everybody to keep.”

Christine and Ysabel Brown via YouTube
YouTube TLC Sister Wives Christine, Ysabel Brown

While Christine explains Ysabel’s pain, Kody suggests waiting a few more months. Ultimately, Ysabel goes on to have back surgery to treat her scoliosis. So what does this have to do with Sister Wives fans’ anger towards Robyn Brown’s pettiness?

Sister Wives Fans OVER Robyn Brown’s Pettiness

Once Ysabel Brown returned from her spine surgery, it seemed that Robyn made a dig at her. Once the curve in the teen’s spine from scoliosis was corrected, she measured 5’11” tall. Interestingly, that makes her about the same height (if not taller) as her father.

According to Screen Rant, Robyn Brown says that she dislikes that Kody’s 18 children compare their heights. She also points out that the children are very competitive in nature.

Robyn Brown via YouTube
YouTube TLC Sister Wives Robyn Brown

In the episode, Robyn says:

I feel like a lot of kids are very competitive and… I’m not really into it. Height is one of the competitve points.”

There is speculation that this is petty because instead of being happy that her “daughter” isn’t in pain anymore, Robyn Brown talks about the fact that she doesn’t like how competitive the kids are about their height.

Here’s What Fans Have To Say About Robyn

As TV Shows Ace previously reports, fans aren’t buying into what Robyn is selling. They seem to think that she isn’t sincere and is only interested in what benefits her and her marriage to Kody.

There is plenty of sarcasm and snark on Twitter to highlight how Sister Wives fans genuinely feel about Robyn Brown. Tweets point out that no one believes Kody doesn’t have a “head wife.”

Other viewers point out that they think Robyn is acting regarding her concern about the family.

What do you think about Robyn Brown? Do you think she’s being petty? Should Sister Wives viewers continue to give Roby the benefit of the doubt? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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