‘Humbled’ Christine Brown Reflects On Ysabel’s Surgery One Year Later

Credit: Christine Brown IG

It’s been one year since Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s daughter Ysabel underwent life-changing scoliosis surgery. Viewers have followed the teen’s struggle with the spinal condition for years. It eventually became so debilitating, surgery was the only option. However, it was not an easy road to surgery as documented during Season 15. However, both Christine and Ysabel are celebrating the one-year milestone.

From Sister Wives to Scoliosis

Credit: Ysabel Brown IG
Credit: Ysabel Brown IG

When Ysabel was in her early teens, she struggled with scoliosis. Her curvature began at just twenty-six degrees. Eventually, it went to forty-five degrees. Accompanied by Kody and Christine Brown, they all worked with a doctor in an attempt to avoid surgery. This required Ysabel to basically give up her life and free time to do spinal exercises. She often felt bad because she did not believe she was diligent enough about them but she tried as hard as she could.

The curve went down approximately ten degrees with these exercises so she continued them even as they relocated to Flagstaff. Yet, upon moving there, her curvature got worse. It got so bad, it headed into the danger zone where she was literally suffering. At a certain number curve, the doctor had said she would need surgery. She reached a fifty curvature so the doctor deemed it necessary for her to go under the knife. Christine did what she could with her LulaRoe business to raise the funds needed for the procedure.

Since it would take place on the East Coast, she even arranged for her and Ysabel to stay with family. Kody was not having it, as it was occurring during COVID. He did not think he could leave his kids and other wives for an extended period of time then come back and quarantine. Kody encouraged them to postpone the surgery and caught a lot of heat from fans for not seeing the pain in his daughter’s eyes. She got the surgery anyway.

A Year Later…

Christine and Ysabel are celebrating a successful surgery one year later. Earlier today, Christine Brown took to her Instagram to share a collage of her daughter and to commemorate how far she has come. She noted that she is “humbled and blessed” to be Ysabel’s mom. Ysabel’s brother, Paedon chimed in by saying: “She is so badass.”

Christine Brown Credit: Christine Brown IG
Credit: Christine Brown IG

Other followers had so many encouraging words, commenting how much Christine and Ysabel look alike. Some shared messages of pride: “Very strong and brave girl.” On Ysabel’s own page, she showcased her scar and gave an update on how she is feeling a year later. There is no doubt this was the absolute right decision for her. It is great she has a mother like Christine by her side.

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