‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Are Over Adam & Danielle Busby’s Entitlement?

Danielle and Adam Busby - OutDaughtered

Lately, some OutDaughtered fans are starting to show they can’t stand Adam and Danielle Busby’s blatant entitlement. Some fans believe the Busby Quints have people surrounding them who don’t have their best interests in mind.

Adam And Danielle Busby Show Their Struggles

While the last season of OutDaughtered had a big focus on Adam and Danielle Busby’s marital problems, they also discuss how crazy life is getting, and their financial insecurities. Furthermore, Danielle shares her challenges with living with an autoimmune disease and the burden of stress that is weighing on her mental health as well.

Danielle and Adam Busby, Instagram
Danielle and Adam Busby – Instagram

However, many fans believe the series is following a script. Likewise, some fans are finding part of the show hard to stomach. When comparing the Busby’s lives to many others it seems they are far more entitled than they realize. Several fans point out how often the family travels and does fun activities. Furthermore, they have many nice things that aren’t the standard when you think about someone not having “enough.”

Fans Are Over Adam And Danielle Busby’s Entitlement?

On Reddit, one fan states, “The quints kids are surrounded by sell outs.” Then, they give examples of why they think this. Saying, “The kids are surrounded by parents who love attention, money, and fame. Multi millionaires paid 300k-1.2 mil per season. Made 450k dollars off merch. Complaining about ‘money issues’ while they own multiple cars, a 5,000$ French bull dog, Adam owns a 15,000$ AP watch and Danielle owns a 8,000$ women’s Rolex. As seen in there YT vids. There family and friends probably have seen 0$ from them. They are selling their family constantly. Can’t blame the kids for acting the way they do when there surrounded by people with no souls.”

Busby Quints  - OutDaughtered
Busby Quints – OutDaughtered

Fans Discuss Adam And Danielle Busby’s Abundance

After the post, several other OutDaughtered fans left comments about Adam and Danielle Busby’s life. But money isn’t the only resource fans notice the Busby family squandering.

  • “I do agree Adam and Danielle only seem to see dollar signs. The kids are their cash cows now. They probably think Joel Osteen is what Jesus is about.. that prosperity Christianity…. they sure don’t seem very humble. Im done watching, the kids are spoiled but what does anyone expect ist all they see.”
  • “Same goes with time. Always saying they’re busy but Adam is totally jacked. Wish he’d put more time in getting the girls outside and playing sports so they’d learn discipline and outlets for their energy.”
  • “I also was like ummmm clearly Adam has a ton of free time because he’s sooooo muscular. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought this!”
  • “What I don’t understand is if they’re millionaires, why do they always argue that two babysitters are too expensive? With so many children, two makes more sense.”
  • “The kids are exploited.”

‘Novelty Has Worn Off’

In another Reddit feed, some fans think that the OutDaughtered producers are grasping at straws to find something to film about Adam and Danielle Busby. First, one user says, “The novelty has worn off so now they are just grasping for things to film.” Then talks about how the Busby Quints were much more fascinating when they were babies and toddlers. Likewise, the poster thinks that the show is focusing so much on Danielle that some of the other family members aren’t getting time. For instance, Aunt Kiki, Uncle Dale, and their kids.

Fans think OutDaughtered producers are grasping at straws. - Reddit
Fans think OutDaughtered producers are grasping at straws. – Reddit
  • “I’d love it if they would address the baby-talk or perhaps focus a bit more on the older daughter. It’s so bland now.”
  • “My biggest problem with the show is that they don’t seem to acknowledge or maybe even realize how insanely privileged they are. I don’t want to see people living in huge houses with multiple vehicles and constant vacations complaining about finances… that may be petty, but it’s true. Some of us are out here actually struggling and it comes across incredibly tone deaf.

The quints kids are surrounded by sell outs.
byu/Independent-Plum5847 inoutdaughtered

What do you think about how Adam and Danielle Busby live? Do you think that the season waves their entitlement in fans’ faces? Do you think there is too much focus on Adam and Danielle and not enough on the other family members? Are you hoping to see more episodes of OutDaughtered? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill


  1. I just don’t find it interesting watching family vacation over another vacation. I feel like it’s a showboat mess and I don’t care to watch it anymore.

  2. It seems each of these family reality series (i.e.Jon and Kate plus 8, etc) end up filming trips and outings instead of daily family life. I am not interested in watching someone else’s vacations. It is no longer interesting to me to watch this entitled family.

  3. I am sick of Danielle bossing Adam around like a dog. She is a user. She doesnt spend time with her family. Kids have no manners. If they are so broke how do they go on all thoses trips. Time to go.j

    1. I’m sure they are FREE (complients of TLC. I think Danielle is terrible to Adam and does not appreciate anything he trys to do (going to buy school supplies) I wonder if she ever heard it’s the thought that counts. my other cripe is the hideous color of that BIG house. It use to be a light tan??? That was pricey also. I also see why they can’t get any help, D expects them to do . Everything. your their mother!!

    2. Totally agree,,,useless show anyhow. Entitled and attention seeking. Get off the cameras and live your lives. You decided to have so many kids in this day and age, obviously you can afford it!!!. Not interested in your problems about it thanks!!

  4. I quit watching when the Busby’s home had mold.I just didn’t like some things that were said and done at that time.I like Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki but they aren’t seen that much.Still love the kids tho.

  5. Used to love this show. But now, not so much. Danielle is MEAN to Adam. Always bossing him around and not very nice to him. The girls are beautiful but spoiled. I like Dale and Kiki so much more. Make a show centering around them. Would be much more interesting.

  6. it seems the show is lacking everyday life. I dont care for how Danielle constantly complaints about Money, and Adam getting opportunities to make more money but she will not have any of it. I dont see her altering her business or business trips like Adam does. it seems like it’s a bit one sided. The kids do need to help out and have chores, they old enough.

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