‘OutDaughtered’ How Do The Busbys Afford Their Lavish Lifestyle?

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While the OutDaughtered family has multiple needs for their large family, fans wonder how they meet those. Some fans are questioning how Adam and Danielle Busby can afford the lavish life they display on camera.

The Busbys Are Busy Little Bees

Undeniably, the OutDaughtered‘s Busby family are busy little bees. Not only do Adam and Danielle both work, but they also keep up with six beautiful girls in the process. Since Adam works in marketing and Danielle runs her boutique, they seem to be doing okay financially when you see their lifestyle. Without a doubt, costs have been on the rise since the pandemic causing even some families that didn’t struggle before to face trying times. Some fans are questioning how the family of eight survives in such a volatile economy. While any child comes with expenses, this family was bombarded from the moment their quints were born with five times the fun and cost of a baby.

Fans Wonder Where The Busbys Get The Money

While the Busbys are trying to provide an amazing life for their kiddos, some fans wonder how they do it. On Reddit, one OutDaughtered fan opens the conversation by saying, “Where’s the money from?” Then adds, “Watching the series seeing a couple having this many kids and keep buying bigger and bigger houses always doing trips vacations which are not cheap by any means like wtf does Adam do for a living they have one income and living really well especially to have this many kids does anyone know what his profession is or was.”

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Fans Weigh In

Several other OutDaughtered fans gave their thoughts on where Adam and Danielle Bubsy get the money to afford a luxurious lifestyle.

  • Someone simply states, “The money is from TLC.” Which the original poster replies, “Is it? Did they make that much off the reality show .. even in the beginning though they still didn’t have money problems that you would expect a family that just had 5 newborn I didn’t know reality TV paid so well lol.”
  • “I think they were worried about money in the beginning. I thought they freaked over hospital bills and they fought when Adam had to go back to work.”

Others Discuss The Busbys’ Income

  • “The church helped them when the babies were first born. TLC PAYS VERY WELL. ANY trip you see on the show TLC pays for it if they film it, go out to eat TLC films it they pay for it, go to the local amusement park TLC films they pay for it etc.”
OutDaughtered- TLC
OutDaughtered – TLC
  • Another fan gave some insight on the Busbys. Saying, “Adam ended up quitting his job to work on ‘content creation.‘ So I guess that means the show and YouTube. He ALWAYS has a camera. According to Google, they make $25k-$40k per Outdaughtered episode. But that’s just an estimate. At one point they put a pause on the show but I’m assuming the YouTube income wasn’t cutting it because then they did another season. ‘God called’ them to return 🙄 more like they couldn’t maintain the lifestyle and home they bought. Also, I’m assuming they make okay $ from Danielle’s boutique because of their ‘fame’ in Texas. I think it’s good they have the boutique because I don’t know how relevant they’ll be once the girls grow up. But also not sure about longevity on that either when the girls can no longer model the clothes. I hope they let them live normal lives and go to college, not force them to stay local to keep up Adam’s little YouTube hobby.”

Multiple Streams Of Income

In addition to their show money, the Busbys are always working on multiple projects and appearances. Previously, Adam has said he feels it is no one’s business what he earns. However, at one point, the family-owned seven businesses that helped keep them in their sweet spot. In 2021, he was quoted saying “Maybe 2 of the 7 business (sic) that we own are actually shown on the TV show. We work very hard for what we have.”

OutDaughtered - Danielle Busby Instagram
OutDaughtered – Danielle Busby Instagram

What do you think allows the Busby family to do so many activities? Additionally, how do they keep up a gorgeous home and provide for their growing girls? Are you ready to see more OutDaughtered? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I do think it’s no one’s business what they make, where it comes from. Yes they have a large family. God bless them. I pray they continue with their great life and the health with their girls.

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