‘OutDaughtered’ Adam Busby Talks Being Taken For Granted

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Recently, OutDaughtered star, Adam Busby, opened up about his thoughts on being taken for granted. In the Busby household, there are so many things going on at once that it is reasonable to believe he has a valid perspective on this topic.

Adam Busby Gives His Perspective

As a working dad of six daughters, it is easy to understand that Adam Busby might feel overlooked at times. Undeniably, many things have to happen without praise or recognition. Over time, he has developed ways of shifting how he thinks about these conditions. On OutDaughtered Dad, Adam’s Instagram page he shares a video about the subject of feeling like people take you for granted. Offering a new perspective on the generally negative connotation of the phrase, Adam challenges followers to change their mindset. Captioning: “Mindset is everything. Even being taken for granted should be seen as a good thing.” However, he reminds fans to understand the time to accept it and when to do something about it. Continuing, “There is definitely a difference between being taken for granted and taken advantage of. #leadership hip #mindset.”

OutDaughtered - Adam and Danielle Busby - Instagram
OutDaughtered – Adam and Danielle Busby – Instagram

Adam Busby Talks About Being Taken For Granted

Within the Instagram video, Adam Busby talks about how he sees being “taken for granted” as a sign he is doing well. In a leadership podcast, Adam pulled out some “nuggets” from the talk. Acknowledging that the idea that people just expect you to do things, in general, can indicate that you are consistently showing up and doing good. Additionally, he believes when people tend to unknowingly count on you, it is a testament to strong work output. And even refers to it as “proof” that a person is doing well. Furthermore, he seems to understand that others may just interpret it as normal or natural work since the level of work is always good.

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Unmistakably, Adam Busby encourages viewers to take it as a positive that people are accustomed to good work and not noticing it since it is always part of the picture. However, Adam doesn’t excuse that being taken for granted can sometimes lead to someone taking advantage of them. Undoubtedly, he doesn’t condone people exploiting others. Additionally, he strongly warns to watch for that type of behavior, especially when someone often just expects productivity.

Fans Weigh In

After Adam Busby voiced his opinion, OutDaughtered fans gave their comments on the post.

  • “My man!” To which Adam responds, “@mmbbqcompany oh I know you get taken for granted! Expectations are through the roof with your work🔥.”
  • Uncle Dale chimes in, “I’m glad you call @dalenotdalepodcast a leadership podcast… thanks bruh!”
  • “Thanks, Buzz! That is so true 😊.”
  • “Needed to hear this today!”


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What do you think about Adam Busby’s point of view on taking someone for granted? Do you agree? Do you think there is a difference between someone taking advantage of good work? Are you ready to see more of the Busby clan on OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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