‘OutDaughtered’ Riley Busby Traumatized By Dad’s New Change?

Riley Busby - OutDaughtered

Undeniably, OutDaughtered fans know that Riley Busby is famous for her reactions. Recently, Adam Busby made a drastic change and promised fans he would record the Busby Quints’ reaction once they saw it. Without a doubt, fans were eager to know how little Riley would take the news. But is she traumatized after getting the big unexpected shock?

Adam Busby Shocks The Family, Especially Riley Busby

It wasn’t long ago that Adam Busby shocked fans with a sneak peek of his drastically new look. Unmistakably, Adam likes to do things to keep the kids on their toes. But now, the reaction to his big change may have been more than he counted on. After watching the reveal, fans are wondering if it was too disturbing for Riley Busby. While it was a huge surprise for the whole family, Riley’s behavior in response made fans question if it was extremely traumatic.

Adam Busby's regular hairstyle. - OutDaughtered
Adam Busby’s regular hairstyle. – OutDaughtered

Adam Busby Shows Danielle And Blayke First

As promised, Adam Busby posted a follow-up video with the quints learning about his new look. Much like the viral reveals of babies seeing their dads after they shave, the quints were dumbfounded by the new change. First, Adam shows Danielle and Blayke Busby his new buzz cut.

Adam Busby's buzz cut shocks everyone. - OutDaughtered
Adam Busby’s buzz cut shocks everyone. – OutDaughtered

When Adam took his hat off they couldn’t stop laughing because it was so drastically different from his usual longer hairstyle. Undeniably, the simple removal of his thicker hair substantially shifted his appearance. Then, Danielle stares at him seeming stunned. Neither knew what to say.

Danielle and Blayke  are stunned by his "new do." -OutDaughtered
Adam’s “new do” stuns Danielle and Blayke Busby. – OutDaughtered

But Blayke throws some jokes at her dad and pokes fun at his extremely different hairstyle and image recreation. Adam says, “Obviously it is just like so different. It’s going to take a little bit to get used to.” However, Danielle and Blayke bring up Riley Busby and thinks she is going to “freak out.” Blayke comments that Riley is going to ask so many questions, “Like, ‘Why’d you do that? What’d you do!?'”

Riley Busby Traumatized By Dad’s New Change?

After showing Danielle and Blayke Busby’s stupefied reaction, Adam Busby records the Busby Quints seeing his hair shaved for the first time. The girls jump trying to remove his hat and see his new haircut. Although several of the quints were bobbing around him swatting at his hat, Riley climbs on the counter and snatches his hat from his head. Immediately, Ava, Hazel, Olivia, and Parker Busby are speechless from the shock.

Ava, Olivia, Hazel, and Parker are speechless from Adam's reveal. - OutDaughtered
Ava, Olivia, Hazel, and Parker Busby are speechless at Adam Busby’s reveal. – OutDaughtered

While Riley Busby was the one working the hardest to see the new look, it was terrifying to her once the hat was off. Furthermore, Riley shrieks, “How could you! Put it back on!” while throwing his hat at him.

Riley Busby is the most disturbed by Adam Busby's buzz cut. - OutDaughtered
Riley Busby is the most disturbed by Adam Busby’s buzz cut. – OutDaughtered

Without a doubt, they all felt like someone was “punking” them and didn’t know how to respond. However, Riley was clear about not liking the change. Adam asks, “What?” as Riley looks at him like he is a stranger. Then, unusually quiet and talking through clenched teeth, Riley says, “I don’t like your head shaved.”

Riley Busby can't handle her dad's significantly different look.- OutDaughtered
Riley Busby can’t handle her dad’s significantly different look.- OutDaughtered

Riley Busby And The Other Quints Recover

After the quints had a few minutes they were all laughing and giggly about their dad’s new hair, except Riley Busby who couldn’t take her eyes off his betrayal. She just stares and then finally walks away. Riley suggests he should just “make it bald” but then retracts that statement and says, “You can grow it.” But she comes around a little when he lets her feel it. However, then Riley turns her back on him letting him know she still doesn’t approve. Several of the quints told Adam they didn’t like his haircut. And even said he resembles Uncle Nick. Ava pretends to throw up when Blayke says “Lily likes it.” But the girls are busy and just keep moving even with Adam’s big surprise. Although it continues to shock them each time they see him, they are gradually getting “adjusting” to it.

What do you think about Adam Busby‘s new do? Do you think he should keep it short? Do you think Riley Busby is going to adjust to Adam’s new look? Are you hoping to see more of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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