‘OutDaughtered:’ Riley Busby Clobbers Big Sister Blayke

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In the trailer teaser for the new season of OutDaughtered, fans watch as Riley Busby clobbers her big sister Blayke after the duo has a bit of a disagreement. What exactly were the sisters talking about that caused Riley to swing at Blayke? What did fans have to say about this behavior? Keep reading for a summary or scroll down to see the video clip.

OutDaughtered: Riley Busby Clobbers Big Sister Blayke

The trailer teaser featured Adam and Danielle talking about how much their girls have grown. Adam Busby fessed up that his house was very full of sass right now. Danielle chimed in that the house was very loud with so many sassy girls running around. The trailer cut to a few clips showing the wild chaos in the house.

In one scene, Riley Busby was sitting in a chair with her eyes closed and her mouth open as she stuck her tongue out. She was sitting in front of a mirror, so the camera could see what she was doing too.

Her big sister Blayke was squatting behind her as she pulled her light-colored hair back and braided it into a single ponytail.

Riley Busby throws hands at big sister Blayke [Source: YouTube]
Riley Busby throws hands at big sister Blayke [Source: YouTube]
As she finished up Riley’s hair, Blayke admitted that Riley’s hair looked a bit ugly in the back. Not happy that her sister was calling her hair ugly, Riley sprung off of the chair and charged her sister Blake before throwing hands. Blayke pulled up her arms to defend herself as she was clobbered with several smacks from Riley who towered over her as she was sitting on the floor.

Riley Busby throws hands at big sister Blayke [Source: YouTube]
Riley Busby throws hands at big sister Blayke [Source: YouTube]
OutDaughtered fans had pretty mixed feelings about this interaction as they weren’t sure how they felt about Riley Busby solving things by throwing hands with her sisters. On the other hand, many fans also know that sometimes siblings do hit each other. With as many siblings as Riley has, it isn’t too much of a surprise that this would happen.

Watch Riley Busby and big sister Blayke’s interaction in the video down below:

Were you surprised to see Riley Busby respond to her big sister Blayke by throwing hands? Do you think Adam and Danielle should have stepped in to handle the situation differently? Or, do you think this was just siblings being siblings? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered news.

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