‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Think Quints Are Inexcusably ‘Bratty’

Olivia, Ava, Parker, Riley, and Hazel Busby - OutDaughtered

OutDaughtered fans have noticed that Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, and Riley Busby are extremely disrespectful this season. Undoubtedly, many fans think the Quints are inexcusably bratty through the first four episodes.

OutDaughtered Quints Behavior Is Disrespectful

During the first few episodes of OutDaughtered, fans noticed a particular trend with the Busby Quints. Although they are eight in the episodes, they quickly talk back to their parents and other adults. In the first episode, Hazel tells her mom she needs to clean up the mess after the pillow fight, sending Danielle Busby into understandable frustration. Frequently the quints were telling Aunt Kiki “no” or “I don’t want to” in the last episode while she was trying to assist. Unmistakably, it is hard to fathom having five little girls going through the same stages at the same time. While they are growing fast, many fans think they are unjustifiably rude to the people around them.

Aunt Kik Mills was worn out from trying to reason with the quints. - OutDaughtered
Aunt Kik Mills was worn out from trying to reason with the quints. – OutDaughtered

OutDaughtered Fans Think Quints Are Inexcusably ‘Bratty’

On Reddit, OutDaughtered fans started a conversation about the Quints this season. A user says, “The quints.” Then they add, “I know that they’re kids and this show is insanely scripted but does anyone else think the quints have been extra bratty this season? just watched the newest episode and the way the kids acted at that plant shop was hard to watch.” Other fans commented about how Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, and Riley Busby are acting this season.

  • “It seems like Danielle chooses work over the family. She needs to hire more people at the store. Something has to give because things are not running smoothly.”
  • “I agree but the Quints were 8 at the time of filming. If all five of the quintuplets are acting bratty (I haven’t seen the episode yet) then you can’t really blame anyone but the parents. They are supposed to raise them and correct their behavior.”
Busby Quints - OutDaughtered
Busby Quints – OutDaughtered

Fans Think The Quints Are Worse Than Ever

Several OutDaughtered fans discuss the current season is showing the quints even more “bratty” than usual. Many just see them as spoiled at this point.

  • “The kids are spoiled, and the parents put no boundaries on their behavior. They are brats and will only get worse over time.”
  • “I hate to say it but yes they are a bunch of spoiled brats!”
  • “All kids are brats!! With the internet babysitting them 75% of the time. I couldn’t imagine have 6 kids!”
Fans think the quints are acting awful. - Reddit
OutDaughtered fans think the Quints are acting awful. – Reddit

OutDaughtered Fans Share A Perspective About The Reason Behind Their Raising

Furthermore, OutDaughtered fans gave some perspective on the Quints’ birth affecting their raising. Undeniably, Danielle and Adam Busby went through a difficult time during the pregnancy and then the NICU stay and are extremely grateful to have their quints.

  • “They do act like toddlers and never listen to directions. They’ve even talked about getting in trouble at school and the parents just laugh it off and ask them about boyfriends. I think it’s common for parents of kids who were NICU babies though. They can’t ever discipline them because they’re just so happy they’re alive and healthy after their traumatic infant hood. However, they aren’t doing them any favors by allowing them to act out of control all the time. I feel bad for their teacher! Also why are they all in the same class?!”
  • “That’s sad and pretty accurate. My second was a NICU baby and is 2 now. When he has a tantrum, I’m happy that his lungs are working so well 🥲.”
Danielle Busby faced many scary moments on the way to her miracle. - Instagram
Danielle Busby faced many scary moments on the way to her miracle. – Instagram

Fans Discuss Adam And Danielle Allowing The Behaviors

However, many OutDaughtered fans believe the actions of the Quints are directly related to the tolerance from the parents.

  • “This is the culmination of years of parental inconsistency and the unwillingness to do what it takes to teach the girls how to behave differently. It’s unfair to the girls because they’re relying on their parents to teach them how to live successfully in the world.”
  • “They get it from their mom. Adam and Danielle allow the behavior I won’t be surprised if it gets worse.”

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What do you think about the Quints’ behavior? Do you think they are more bratty this season? Do you think it is because Adam and Danielle Busby struggle to discipline them since they are NICU babies? Are you ready to see more of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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  1. I too think they are brats. after the first episode of season 8 we
    don’t watch them anymore.

  2. They are running the house, terrible behavior! Need structure and discipline.
    Never listen or respect the adults. Show is awful now! Done watching.

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