‘OutDaughtered’ Is Adam Busby To Blame For Danielle’s Frustration?

Adam Busby - OutDaughtered

Undeniably, fans are noticing friction between OutDaughtered stars, Danielle and Adam Busby. While some people are quick to villainize Danielle for her harsh outbursts, others are starting to point the finger at Adam as the underlying problem.

Danielle And Adam Busby Have Been Through The Wringer

While the quints were very tiny, both Danielle and Adam Busby were going through major shifts in their lives. Undeniably, it has to be a shock to the system to bring home five babies from the hospital at once. In many ways, caring for just one baby after a high-risk pregnancy can be a difficult task, much less the never-ending needs of five at once. Considering pregnancy can take a toll on the mother’s body, it is highly possible that Danielle’s body was trying to heal while adjusting to the life-altering changes of having quints. Likewise, it was a huge transition that came with many stressors. Even taking Blayke Busby to school while having quints became a major feat when Adam wasn’t home to assist.

Danielle Busby loading the girls for the first time by herself.- OutDaughtered
Danielle Busby loading the girls in the van for the first time by herself.- OutDaughtered

Additionally, Adam’s life was upside down with six beautiful, busy girls needing something every single moment of the day. Without a doubt, his struggle with depression was likely due to the constant need to always be “on.” But Danielle was also processing those early stressors as well. In many ways, Danielle was feeling the brunt of managing the household and the overwhelming needs of their precious babies while Adam was working to provide income. Furthermore, Danielle’s hustle gets some appreciation, but she was crying out for help knowing it wasn’t sustainable. Together they came to the agreement that Adam would change jobs and work from home to be more available to care for their kids.

Is Adam Busby To Blame For Danielle’s Frustration?

Undoubtedly, the way Danielle Busby is responding with frustration has been boiling inside of her for a while. Notably, most likely they can attribute some of the outbursts to her underlying health issues. However, in many ways, she has been voicing her needs and concerns to Adam Busby for years with little to no action to resolve the root issues. While some of the reasons Danielle finds Adam attractive is for his fun-loving approach to life, those qualities now are rubbing her the wrong way when she has reached depletion. Admittedly, she says she was laughing but cringing inside when Adam was making the mess with the pillow fight upstairs in the first episode of OutDaughtered Season 10. Unmistakably, she wants to have fun but feels a huge burden of responsibility and lacks the energy to deal with it.

Things get a little out of hand at The Busby's house. - OutDaughtered
Things get a little out of hand at The Busby’s house. – OutDaughtered

On Reddit, one OutDaughtered fan starts a conversation by saying, “I honestly get Danielle’s frustration, how many years has she said her needs and wants to Adam now? It’s been years. She’s tired of the load being on her 24/7 100% of the time.” Later in the comments, the same user adds, “Imagine telling your husband for years what you need help with, and when you start to get frustrated you’re met with a dumb*ss smile and told to “chill’ or ‘relax’.” Other users had mixed opinions about Danielle and Adam Busby. Some fault both parents while others place blame solely on one or the other.

They try to work through their issues. - OutDaughtered
Adam and Danielle Busby try to work through their issues. – OutDaughtered

Other Fans Give Their Thoughts

During the Reddit discussion, fans expressed their thoughts on Danielle and Adam Busby. Several believe the issues could be rectified by teaching the girls to do more chores. Notably, there are many suggestions to hold their daughters accountable for more aspects of their lives. Likewise, many people point the blame at one parent or the other.

  • “Because she keeps doing tasks for them rather than teaching the kids to clean up their own sh*t.”
  • Danielle is overbearing and an obsessive control freak. Adam definitely could do more, according to what they show on camera. And I agree, if her skill set, is not getting the van fixed, then he needs to step in. Same thing though when he’s not skilled at keeping up after the house. It’s a team effort.”
Danielle Busby can't handle all the messes in their house. - OutDaughtered
Danielle Busby can’t handle all the messes in their house. – OutDaughtered

Fans Criticize Adam Busby For Not Knowing When To Be Serious

In another Reddit feed, a user points out how annoying it is that Adam Busby talks about how he left his job to help with the kids yet seemingly could be doing more in that area. Likewise, some fans think he may feel bitter about having to change jobs.

OutDaughtered fans think that he needs to step up. - Reddit
OutDaughtered fans think that Adam Busby needs to step up. – Reddit
  • “I think Adam has already checked out. That’s why he is cold and indifferent. Doesn’t even seem like he wants to make it work.”
  • “To me Adam is just completely checked out… he’s going through the motions because he has to do so… he’s physically there, but elsewhere in every other way and unfortunately that will affect his family if it hasn’t already. I think both Adam and Danielle are completely overwhelmed, and instead of getting the girls involved in helping ease some of the pressure, they seem to feel the need to do it all… and while I don’t have kids, I do know that trying to do it all all the time is a really quick way to completely burning out and being unable to do anything.”
  • “They usually try to take the easy way out instead of doing the consistent, hard work of parenting. This is why their kids run all over them. The ironic thing about that is that if they put the time in consistently for a while now, it’d be much easier later.”

What do you think? Is Adam Busby to blame for Danielle Busby‘s frustrations? Do you think they will be able to move past the issues? Are you glad to see more about the Busbys in OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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