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Adam Busby Shares Real Reason He Has So Much Time For His Girls

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Adam Busby is an extremely hands-on father. He has been making the most out of the summer with his six daughters. Yet some fans question how he can be so available. Does the husband and father work and how does he have so much time on his hands? Adam was very open and answered the question quite honestly.

Adam Busby Loves His Girl Squad And His Vacations

The Busbys are big fans of getaways. Whether it is as a family unit, husband and wife, or solo vacays, they try to live every moment to the fullest. In all fairness, they had quite the shock when their quints were born at twenty-eight weeks. Adam and his wife Danielle had to deal with an uncertain future as well as their toddler, Blayke. It was a lot but it also landed them their highly successful TLC reality series, OutDaughtered. For eight seasons, they were extremely open and candid about their struggles in raising six kids while trying to build their own businesses.

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Additionally, Adam shared his struggle with postpartum depression which was appreciated by many. Though the future of the show is still up in the air, the family is not giving up home. Why should they? There is a lot of promise within it and people love following the adventures of the Busby family. More so, they have a lot of them. This summer, they have been taking advantage of going wherever their hearts desire. Of course, one fan had to ask Adam how he was able to go on these trips. Where did he find the time? The father of six gave a very honest answer.

Free As A Bird

Adam Busby recently shared a photo dump from an impromptu vacation to Galveston Beach with his girl squad. He posted the pictures on Instagram and many followers really appreciated seeing him having a great time. Yet there was one who had a burning question about all the time he had off to be with his kids: “How do you have so much free time to do these wonderful things?” Adam responded: “we work for ourselves. We own our own businesses and can make our own hours. Gives us the flexibility to be with our kids more while they are out of school.”

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As to what businesses he is involved with, Adam was on Cameo though he is currently unavailable. The family also earns commissions from Amazon purchase suggestions. They have a blog called and finally, they collect money from OutDaughtered. So, they are managing a lot. In the long run, the most important thing is that he is an active and hands-on father. This should prevail over everything, no questions asked.

Do you think it matters how Adam has all this spare time or is it more important that he is with his family? Let us know in the comments.

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