‘OutDaughtered’ Star Danielle Busby & Adam Hit An All-Time Low

Danielle Busby - TLC OutDaughtered

OutDaughtered spoilers revealed that Danielle Busby and her husband, Adam Busby seem to have hit an all-time low. So far, she snapped at him or threw shade at him in almost every episode. In fact, TLC fans are convinced that she’s become an awful villain on the show.

Danielle Busby Drags Her Husband

Who remembers when Adam Busby slammed TLC for showing him up as an idiot with Danielle always being such a horrible person? That was in 2019, and he said on social media, “That is something we have seen in the editing more over the last couple of seasons and it isn’t true to our relationship.” While he said that would stop, after their hiatus, he seems fine with being dragged in each episode by his wife.

TLC OutDaughtered - Danielle Busby Is Unhappy With Adam Busby -Via Access Hollywood
TLC OutDaughtered – Danielle Busby Is Unhappy With Adam Busby -Via Access Hollywood

OutDaughtered fans often praise Adam on his social media because he seems to take over most of the parenting responsibilities. That came when his wife opened her brick-and-mortar Graeson Bee retail shop in League City, Houston. He still ran his own businesses, but fans noticed that hers seemed more important to Danielle Busby.

Adam Busby Gets & His Wife Hit An All-Time Low

TLC fans saw that Adam got an ultimatum from his wife, and she started yelling at him in the kitchen. Actually, she didn’t seem worried that her daughter, Blayke was there as well, playing with her phone. Adam Busby looked shocked because she lost it when he disagreed that they might need an outsider to come in to help with the kids.

Danielle Busby Yells At Adam - TLC OutDaughtered Via People
Danielle Busby Yells At Adam – TLC OutDaughtered Via People

OutDaughtered fans think that Danielle Busby is way too controlling, especially as she said to Adam, “If you don’t want me to hire someone, then you better step up your game.” Well, fans don’t like to see things deteriorate between the TLC couple. On Reddit, an OP wrote:

Same Danielle, different season…So I guess we’re in for another season of Danielle over reacting about everything and blaming Adam. Then she’ll hit a breaking point and be in bed, sick of life. Finally, the season will end with a 2hr season finale at some exotic beach resort and Danielle enjoying an alcoholic beverage, poolside, suddenly pain free! 🥱

TLC Fans React

In the discussion, OutDaughtered fans decided that when Danielle was angry because Adam would be away for the first day of school, she was unfair. Here are a few comments on what fans think of the damaged relationship they see on TLC:

  • I didn’t realize till the end of the episode that the reason she was mad about him working on the first day was of school was because she wasn’t even going to be there. They have those boutique shows all the time all over the country. She could reschedule that…
  • She’s the “default” parent because she refuses to let Adam make any decisions. And when he sneaks one through she always disagrees. If its not her way its the wrong way.
  • It makes me sad because I use to loveee watching out daughtered but I don’t care for it now because it’s all just about Danielle’s mental health and bashing Adam. It doesn’t matter what he does she always finds a problem with it!! She is a control freak.

You can watch a summary of the current season before the latest fight. And, it seems obvious that their relationship might have hit an all-time low.

“What are your thoughts about Danielle Busby ripping Adam for being a bad dad? Do you think she’s being unfair? What about the ultimatum that he better step up or she’s hiring some outside help for the kids? Do you agree that their relationship seems to be at an all-time low? Or do you think a lot of it is edited that way? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your OutDaughtered news. The show airs on TLC on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.”

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