The Real Reason Danielle Busby Started Graeson Bee Boutique

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Danielle Busby shared some fun information with her followers on Instagram yesterday. This information included why she decided to start a clothing boutique in the first place. Danielle kicked off her explanation by giving a little background on where the name came from.

Why did she name it Graeson?

As we previously reported, Graeson was the name Adam and Danielle had picked out for their son. As those who follow the family and their history know, Adam and Danielle do not have a son. The couple has admitted they are open to potentially adopting a child n the future. But, they would have to pray on a decision like that. For now, however, they were just happy enjoying the children they have.

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Real reason Danielle Busby started a clothing boutique

Danielle Busby admitted to her followers that not having a son left a bit of a hole in her heart. Naming her clothing boutique Graeson just felt right after never having a son to give that name to. There, however, was another reason why Danielle decided she wanted to start a clothing boutique. There was something else she never got to do because she only had girls.

The OutDaughtered mother admits there is a part of her that yearns to go shopping for boy clothing. Being the mother of six girls, this isn’t something she was able ever to do.

Graeson Bee provided her with a unique opportunity to go shopping for boy clothing. She got to shop for the clothing she stocked her boutique with. So naming the clothing store Graeson and then going shopping for boy’s clothing really helped her fill the hole in her heart that not having a son left her with.

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Danielle Busby builds a foundation for her girls

OutDaughtered fans recognize that Danielle and Adam Busby are also building a foundation for her girls to be successful as they grow. Blayke Busby has already told her parents she pictures herself working in the clothing boutique one day. Fans admit Blayke and her sisters are incredibly lucky to have jobs waiting for them when they get older.

OutDaughtered fans appreciate Adam and Danielle going out of their way to keep everyone updated. This is especially true with rumors swirling that OutDaughtered is going to be canceled.

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