Danielle Busby Celebrates Her Baby Boy’s Growth

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Danielle Busby took to her Instagram Stories to celebrate the growth of her baby boy. After a long and hard moving day, Danielle was sitting inside of her vehicle with the air going as she tried to cool down. She had heart stickers attached to her video as she decided to share some fun information with fans. After revealing she would be sharing some fun info, she asked if anyone knew why exactly Adam and Danielle decided to name their clothing store, Graeson. Then, she proceeded to explain.

OutDaughtered Adam and danielle Busby
OutDaughtered Adam and Danielle Busby

Why did they name it Graeson Bee?

When Adam and Danielle Busby found out they were pregnant, they were pretty sure they were going to have a boy. Why? Well, because the pregnancy felt very different than when she was pregnant with Blayke. Adam and Danielle just assumed they were pregnant with a boy because of how different things felt. Believing they were having a boy, they decided on the name Graeson. Things changed when they learned they were pregnant with five babies and all five of them ended up being girls.

Sadly, this meant they did not get to use the baby boy name they had their heart set on. Being in love with the name Graeson and being unable to use it, Adam and Danielle decided to name the clothing store Graeson. It become a fun way for them to use the name they loved.

Considering what they named it, Danielle Busby has always considered her clothing boutique to be her “baby boy.” She often refers to it as such on Instagram.

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Danielle Busby in awe of her baby boy’s growth

While sitting in her vehicle soaking up the air conditioning, she admitted she was in awe of how much her baby boy has grown over the years. She couldn’t believe they were about to take something they started as an online clothing boutique and turn it into something with a physical storefront. Danielle busby proceeded to remind fans there was a time when they ran the clothing boutique out of their home. She was in awe of how far her baby boy has grown. And, she cannot wait to see where her baby boy goes next.

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Do you think it is sweet she considers her clothing boutique to be the son she never had? Or, are you a fan that gets annoyed with her referring to it as her baby boy all of the time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Danielle Busby’s clothing boutique.

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