Adam & Danielle Busby Spill Secret: They Have A New Baby Boy!!!

Outdaughtered - Adam Busby - Danielle Busby

There’s a new baby boy in the Busby household!

Adam and Danielle Busby had a HUGE secret they’ve been hiding from fans for a couple of weeks now. Turns out, there is a new baby boy in the Busby household. Adam uploaded a ten-minute video explaining how baby Gus came to be part of the family.

He admitted that they weren’t sure the first time they went to meet little Gus. But, Danielle revealed to Adam she had trouble sleeping after meeting the little baby boy. She stayed up all night thinking about him. So, Adam texted Danielle back and told her he would go pick the little guy up unless she stopped him. She didn’t.

Adam Busby Instagram
Adam Busby Instagram

Adam and Danielle Busby surprise the girls with the baby boy

Four of the quints were at cheer practice while Hazel and Blayke stayed behind with grandma and grandpa for some one-on-one time. Adam Busby decided to go pick the baby boy up and bring him to cheer camp to surprise four of the quints with him. The girls were thrilled to see the newest addition to their family.

Adam explained they did the best they could to keep the baby boy a secret until Blayke and Hazel made it home. He set up a camera in the living room watching over little Gus. This way he could get the reaction of Hazel and Blayke meeting their new baby brother on camera without looking suspicious carrying a camera around.

Blayke was overwhelmed by the surprise as she scooped up little Gus and carried him around the house. Danielle had to pull Gus from Blayke’s arms so Hazel could meet him as well. It, however, wasn’t long before Blayke scooped the baby boy up again.

Outdaughtered - Youtube
Outdaughtered Youtube

The OutDaughtered household officially has two dogs now

Beaux Busby was the first dog welcomed into the OutDaughtered household. Beaux is often referred to as the girls’ little brother. Danielle also likes to refer to him as her baby boy. Now, it seems Beaux will have to share the love as Danielle and Adam have gotten him a little brother.

Adam’s YouTube video included a few clips of Beaux playing with his new little brother Gus. There was even an adorable clip of both dogs sleeping on the couch together.

Overall, little Gus seems to be fitting into the family perfectly. The girls seemed thrilled to have a new addition to the family. Blayke, however, might be fighting her mother over who the dog really belongs to.

Do you think the new baby boy Adam and Danielle have added to the family is adorable? Do you think Beaux is having an alright time adjusting? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Busby family.

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  1. I miss seeing the girls and parents too it is something special to be able to watch them as they get bigger and go through things that life has for them. Pray all are well and stay that way till we will be able to join in the growing of all.

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