Adam Busby Of ‘OutDaughtered’ Is Not Happy With TLC And The Way They Edit The Show

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Adam Busby reportedly isn’t happy with the way TLC has been editing the show lately. According to In Touch he said it was making him look like an idiot. In a recent picture he shared of himself and his wife Danielle he captioned it, “the ranch looks good on her.”

A fan commented that they hoped Danielle was, “treating him better and with respect as the man of the house.” They went on to say they see it too much in our culture where the wife becomes the Alpha and the man is treated like an idiot. Adam was quick to respond and set the record straight about the relationship he and his wife have.

Adam Busby Blames It All On The Editing

In response to a fan concerned about the way his wife was treating him, Adam was quick to disagree. He said, “that is something we have seen in the editing more over the last couple of seasons and it isn’t true to our relationship.” Adam Busby went on to say that it would stop.

This was the one comment that differed from the others. Most fans said they looked cute and happy as a couple. Another fan shared an example of Adam being treated like an idiot saying, “compromise is key and must come from both.” This fan talked about an episode where he didn’t put something on the calendar and Danielle got mad, but she threw an outing with her sisters at him on the same day.

Danielle Busby had previously blamed editing of the show for only showing a little bit of their lives. That means it may seem like she pays more attention to one of her children than the others. She assured fans she loved all her children equally and showed them all equal attention.

Social Media Tells The Whole Picture In This Case

On Halloween, Adam Busby shared a picture of the whole family dressed up with superheroes. Everyone dressed as a superhero for Halloween with Danielle as Supergirl and Adam as Captain America. The two share a smooch for the picture. He captioned it, “every superhero movie needs to end in a kiss right?” In the adorable snap, all the girls are dressed in superhero costumes.

Often, reality television isn’t completely true to life and fans are okay with that. There are reshoots and editing that helps make fights more extreme and blows up small things. Adam Busby clearly isn’t afraid to put an end to editing he thinks makes him look bad. Now fans will just have to see if TLC listens to him.

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