Why Aren’t The New Episodes Of ‘OutDaughtered’ On Max?

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While OutDaughtered fans are excited to see the newest season on screen, it has been disappointing that the show isn’t consistently available on the Max streaming platform. After the initial airing of OutDaughtered Season 10 episodes 1 and 2, fans are wondering why they aren’t available.

OutDaughtered Fans Don’t See The New Episodes

When OutDaughtered episodes started for Season 10, fans were eager to catch up as soon as possible. However, some were unpleasantly surprised that the episodes weren’t available to stream on Max. For some platforms, the episodes were available right after the scheduled airing, but Max users report having issues getting the expected episodes in a timely manner. Undeniably, it is especially hard when they are attempting to dodge any spoilers with the episodes before getting the personal gratification of seeing it themselves.

Danielle Busby understands the frustration. - OutDaughtered
Danielle Busby understands the frustration. – OutDaughtered

Without a doubt, it has been a difficult transition for TLC fans as many of their favorite shows changed the way that they aired. Initially, many fans had the benefit of using Discovery+ to watch shows early. At that time, the episodes started airing around 6 a.m. Undoubtedly, fans loved that option because they were hours ahead of the regular viewing audience. However, this went away and viewers were livid. Many fans decidedly canceled their subscriptions with the changes. But others made the move to Max.

Fans Wonder Why Aren’t The New Episodes Of OutDaughtered On Max?

But in some ways, OutDaughtered and other TLC fans were lulled into thinking things were getting better. Since Max still offers the streaming option after the show airs, it was a transition many TLC fans made. Naturally, it is hard to wait when you want to know what is happening in the Busbys’ lives. When fans expected to see the episode available, a Reddit thread was started with this topic:

  • It was titled: “Max not uploading current episode.” Then the user says, “For last week’s episode, Max put out episode same night but this week it hasn’t showed up yet. Only reason I subbed Max was this show. Anybody know what is happening?”
OutDaughtered fans wonder why Max doesn't have the new episodes. - Reddit
OutDaughtered fans wonder why Max doesn’t have the new episodes. – Reddit

Other Fans Make Suggestions

In response to the initial poster, some OutDaughtered fans made suggestions. Notably, others were just as eager to see the new episodes but sadly disappointed.

  • “Lots of better quality stuff of Max to check out while you wait!”
  • “Just signed on to Max; disappointed there is no new episode yet. Even though it reads ‘new episode’ on the thumbnail. I came here to see if I was wrong about what day it aired maybe. 😕.”
  • “Can’t argue with that. I went with the cheapest option. And now getting what I paid for. Gonna be mad if they just stop airing show on max.”
  • “Its on there now for me, it wasnt this morning tho.”
  • “Yeah they must have just been a little more delayed this week in putting it out for whatever reason.”
Adam and Danielle Busby try to work through their issues. - OutDaughtered
Adam and Danielle Busby are trying to work through their issues this season. – OutDaughtered

OutDaughtered Has An Unknown Delay

Although the episode airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC, usually the streaming option is active by the next day. However, in some cases, there have been delays for more than a week for different reasons. Undoubtedly, the inconsistency is causing many fans anxiety waiting and checking back for shows like OutDaughtered to be available. Most fans say the first episode was available with little issue, but the second episode saw delays for an unknown reason on Max. At this point, it is a waiting game to see what happens with the future episodes. Hopefully, Max has it figured out now and will have the episodes out quickly for the fans in waiting. Tune in Tuesday on TLC or check the streaming services the next day with your fingers crossed.

Max not uploading current episode.
byu/nameblanc inoutdaughtered

Did you have any issues with streaming OutDaughtered on Max? Have you noticed this trend with other TLC shows? Are you liking the current season catching up with the Busbys? Drop your comments below.

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