‘OutDaughtered’ Blayke Busby Proves She’s The Best Big Sis

Blayke Busby, OutDaughtered

Although OutDaughtered oldest daughter, Blayke Busby, has entered her teenage years, she still consistently shows how great of a big sis she is. With five nine-year-old sisters underfoot, it can be difficult to have patience, but Blayke continually proves she is the best big sister.

OutDaughtered Kids Level Up

In the past two weeks, the OutDaughtered Busby family has seen their little girls level up another year. Both Blayke Busby and the quints celebrated their April birthdays. Undeniably, they were fabulous parties as usual. Breaking into her teenage years, Blayke is taller and more beautiful than ever! Although the teen years come with testing all sorts of boundaries, Blayke still stays true to her sweet spirit even with her advancing frontier.

Blayke Busby is officially a teenager! - Instagram
Blayke Busby is officially a teenager! – Instagram

Blayke Busby Proves She Is The Best Big Sis

Undoubtedly, the same sweet four-year-old who helped Adam and Danielle Busby when they brought home their precious quints is still proving she is a fantastic big sister. Throughout the years, Blayke Busby has grown up fast to assist her mom and dad with chaperoning her five little sisters. Without a doubt, the Busby household is always buzzing. Unmistakably, she has always been a little second mother of sorts to Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, and Parker. Even so, she is always finding new ways to step up and show her sisters the ropes.

All six girls - OutDaughtered
All six girls – OutDaughtered

On Adam Busby’s Instagram page, he posted a series of photos showing just how awesome of a big sis Blayke Busby is. While on the tennis court, Blayke shows her darling little sisters how to play. Furthermore, Adam and Danielle Busby recognize how special Blayke is. Within the caption, Adam says, “Blessed that i have a daughter that loves and cares for her little sisters. These littles want to be just like their big sister and I’m totally ok with that… #outdaughtered #sisters.” All in all, they know they have a treasure in their oldest daughter. When the quints came along it was a miracle, however having a big sister little Blayke is remarkable as well.

Blayke Busby helps the quints with tennis. - OutDaughtered
Blayke Busby helps the quints with tennis. – OutDaughtered

Fans Love Blayke Busby’s Relationship With Her Sisters

While OutDaughtered fans have watched all six gorgeous girls grow up on screen, it is easy to see how unique Blayke Busby is. For instance, just how loving, caring, and patient she is with her sisters is extraordinary. Likewise, fans see her incredible heart as well. Notably, she is such a wonderful role model for her younger siblings.

  • “They sure lucked out in the Big Sister department!” To which Adam Busby exclaims, “Amem!”
  • “The credit goes to Blayke, of course, but it also goes to you and Danielle, your parenting and the role models you both are. Kudos!”
  • “Blayke has always been a wonderful big sister to the quints. She is so sweet and is a very special girl who always looked after them with love and kindness. You are indeed very blessed to have such a beautiful family! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”
The best big sis. - OutDaughtered
The best big sis. – OutDaughtered

Fans Can’t Believe How Fast They Are Changing

Several other OutDaughtered fans can’t believe how fast the six girls are growing up. Furthermore, it is especially astounding seeing Blayke Busby sprouting so quickly.

  • “Omg Blake looks so much like Danielle! ❤️❤️❤️.”
  • “All your girls are just beautiful 😍.” Then Adam replies he hoped they would be perfectly average until college, but instead thinks they might be in a little trouble.
  • “Blayke looks so tall. She’s a beauty for sure!!”
Blayke Busby helps the quints with tennis. - OutDaughtered
Blayke Busby helps the quints with tennis. – OutDaughtered

What do you think about Blayke Busby continually proving she is the best big sis? Can you believe how tall and beautiful she is getting to be? Are you ready for the new season of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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