Does Danielle Busby Allow Mom ‘Mimi’ To See Quints Amid DUI?

Danielle Busby's mom, Michelle Mimi Theriot, OutDaughtered

Undeniably, it has been a furiously busy few weeks for the Busbys. Although they are coming off the high of a spectacular birthday party for the quints, it has been a whirlwind of fun. Furthermore, OutDaughtered dad, Adam Busby, gave fans a great gift for the quints’ birthday – a sneak peek! The new season looks packed full of excitement for Adam and Danielle Busby and their brood of six gorgeous girls. But will Michelle Mimi Theriot be in the new season? And more importantly, is she seeing the quints and Blayke amid hard times since her DUI?

Danielle Busby’s Mom, Michelle Mimi Theriot, Has Been MIA

Since the return of OutDaughtered in Season 9, fans have wondered about Michelle Mimi Theriot and her whereabouts. While the quints were little, Danielle Busby’s mom, Mimi, was a huge part of helping raise them. Mimi even moved from her home in Louisiana to be closer to the Busby family so she wouldn’t miss out on the precious moments of their childhood. Although living with Adam and Danielle proved to be a bit overwhelming, she was still very involved with the girls. She built a new career as a realtor and even helped the Busbys with their homes. However, she had a string of bad luck that included losing her home in Hurricane Harvey. Devastatingly, she was faced with seeing everything destroyed. In many ways, she was facing several unimaginable stressors all at once.

Outdaughtered- Danielle Busby Mimi- Michelle Theriot
Danielle Busby Mimi- Michelle Theriot/ Galveston County Jail

Danielle Busby Shuns Mimi

When Mimi didn’t return for OutDaughtered Season 9, fans were concerned. Additionally, some people thought she might have died. Sadly, news of her DUI became public. While there is no excuse for driving drunk, it is easy to see she was suffering and looking for release. However, Danielle Busby seemingly shunned her mother during this difficult time. Moreso, Adam and Danielle would duck any questions regarding Mimi. Undoubtedly, Mimi having a DUI was probably difficult on the high-profile Busby family. Furthermore, it may have been alarming for the parents to consider whether Mimi would keep their girls safe if they were together.

OutDaughtered's Michelle Mimi Theriot gets some time with the quints. - Instagram
Michelle Mimi Theriot gets some time with the quints. – Instagram

Mimi Seems To Get Some Time With The Quints

Although OutDaughtered fans don’t see much of Michelle Mimi Theriot these days, does she get to see the quints? After Danielle Busby’s strong reaction to her mom, fans question if Mimi has had time with the quints since the DUI. Most of her social media has been privatized since the arrest. However, she allows some people to see updates on her life. Additionally, Mimi lets fans peek at the loving time she spent with her grandkids on Instagram and Cameo. Seemingly, Mimi is spending some time with her grandkids. Hopefully, the relationship between Danielle and her mom is healing. Since 2020, Mimi appears be to keeping a low profile with most of her focus being on her career instead of reality TV. Time will tell if she returns for the newest season.

Danielle Busby's mom, Michelle Mimi Theriot spends some time with the quints. - Cameo
Danielle Busby’s mom, Michelle Mimi Theriot spends some time with the quints. – Cameo

With all that Michelle Mimi Theriot has been through, hopefully, she still has some involvement with the kids even if it is solely off-camera. Everyone makes mistakes and the girls are only young for a short period. It would be very sad if she is missing these moments.

What do you think? Is the relationship between Danielle Busby and Michelle Mimi Theriot getting any better? Do you think Mimi will be in OutDaughtered Season 10? Drop your comments below.

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  1. none of us are perfect. none if us should judge. she had many emotional issues. she should come back. Danielle and Adam should bring her back in their lives with love. they can be understanding, yet cautious, especially around the kids. hopefully got got some help and does not drink and drive or drink excessively. pray for her and the her family.

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