Blayke Busby Is Officially A Teen, See Shocking Transformation

Blayke Busby from OutDaughtered, TLC

OutDaughtered stars Adam and Danielle Busby officially have a teenager in their home. Their oldest daughter, Blayke Busby, is celebrating her 13th birthday today, April 5, 2024.

This is a major milestone for the family. Fans can hardly believe that young Blayke is growing up so quickly. But on top of that, they know the quints will be teens in just a few years as well.

So what does TLC star Blayke Busby look like as of her 13th birthday? Keep reading to reminisce on her younger years and see her transformation!

Fans Celebrate As Blayke Busby Turns 13

OutDaughtered fans have watched Blayke Busby and her sisters grow up onscreen. The first season premiered in 2016 when Blayke was just 5-years-old and her sisters were babies.

Blayke Busby from OutDaughtered, TLC
Blake Busby/TLC

Over the past eight years, fans have really enjoyed watching Blayke grow into a lovely, smart, and kind young woman. On her birthday, her mother Danielle opted to give her a special shoutout and share how much she values Blayke.

“Happy 13th Birthday to my Blayke💖 🎂Words can’t describe how much I love you and how proud I am of the lady you have become! Keep reaching for the stars and seeking Jesus!” the family matriarch captioned her Instagram shoutout. She attached a photo of herself and Blayke and one with the birthday girl posing with some balloons. “We are going to have the best day! Love you mostest BIG! 🥰 #happybirthday #teenager #itsabuzzworld #outdaughtered”


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Danielle’s followers were excited to wish the oldest Busby daughter a happy birthday. They wrote:

  • Happy Birthday Blayke! It seems like yesterday she was sitting at our house eating a whole container of cherry tomatoes 🤣”
  • “13 already?? She’s grown up so fast!!😍🥲”
  • Happy 13th birthday, Blayke! Hope she has an amazing day! You’re the best big sister to the quints! Can’t believe she’s a teenager!”
  • Omg! You have your 1st teenager! Congratulations and Happy Happy 13th Birthday, Blayke.🥳🥳🥳”


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When Will OutDaughtered Return To TLC?

OutDaughtered fans were excited to have more episodes in 2023. But when will TLC put out new episodes? So far, the family has been pretty quiet about a potential new season. But on Instagram, Danielle Busby’s followers think she may have leaked that they were filming.

Without a doubt, viewers would love to see Blayke explore her teen years. Hopefully, TLC will make an announcement about new episodes sooner rather than later.

Are you surprised to learn that Blayke Busby is 13 years old already? What do you think of her transformation over the last eight years? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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