‘OutDaughtered’ Uncle Dale Does Sweet Thing For Hazel Busby

Uncle Dale Mills, Hazel Busby, Instagram

Undeniably, OutDaughtered stars, Dale Mills and Hazel Busby have a close relationship. Over the years, the two have bonded. During the seasons of watching the quints grow, Uncle Dale and Hazel have also gotten closer too. In like fashion, Uncle Dale gives Hazel special treatment with a sweet gesture.

Hazel Busby And Uncle Dale Are Tight

Since the OutDaughtered quints were born, Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki have been right there alongside Adam and Danielle Busby. Although they aren’t parents to the six wonderful Busby girls, they are a big part of their lives. Now, those little quints are on the edge of turning nine! On April 8, they will be ready to party. Undeniably, nine years ago was a scary time for the Busbys. In like fashion, five tinnie tiny quints were preparing to rock the world of not only mom, dad, and sister, but the rest of the family too. But among those babies, Hazel Grace was the smallest little fighter. Quickly, Uncle Dale and Hazel became friends. There is no question that Dale Mills and Hazel Busby are buddies. While she lovingly refers to him as Uncle Doofus at times, they are tight.

OutDaughtered Hazel Busby TLC Uncle Dale Instagram
OutDaughtered Hazel Busby TLC Uncle Dale – Instagram

Uncle Dale Does A Sweet Thing For Hazel Busby

Recently, OutDaughtered mom, Danielle Busby, shared a sweet moment between Uncle Dale Mills and Hazel Busby. While the two have hit it off since Hazel was itty bitty, their bond continues to grow. In Danielle’s Instagram Stories, she adds a cute video of “Dazel” spending some quality time together. Within the video she overlays text: “#DAZEL #Besties.” Then shows Uncle Dale sweetly brushing the now tall quint’s hair. Hazel stands relatively still with her hands in front of her. Without a doubt, Hazel Basil is loving the time with her uncle. Uncle Dale looks up slightly to see the video being taken but doesn’t let it bother him while he straightens his best buddy Hazel’s locks out. Then in the background, you can hear Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun playing.

Their Bond Is Strong

Over the years, Uncle Dale Mills has endearingly referred to Hazel Busby as his favorite niece. And there’s no doubt the two like to have fun. Perhaps Uncle Dale gravites to Hazel for her bright red hair. Or maybe it’s because she was the “runt.” Whatever the reason, they have always joked and played like they were the best of friends. Possibly, Hazel loves Uncle Dale since he is the self-proclaimed “America’s Favorite Uncle” according to his bio. But Hazel captured everyone’s heart with her tough battle with nystagmus. OutDaughtered fans have watched the little spitfire grow and change along with her beautiful sisters. All in all, it is adorable to see Hazel and her “Funcle.”

Hazel & Uncle Dale Get OutDaughtered Love
Dale Mills | Facebook

What do you think of Uncle Dale’s sweet gesture for Hazel Busby? Are you happy to see DAZEL keeping up their bestie status? Are you ready to see more OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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  1. I can’t believe the Busby quints are 9! Seems like yesterday they came into the lives of all their TV family. Wonderful parents, big sister, Meime and special Aunts & Uncles. Can’t wait to see their latest adventures. I have to admit precious little Hazel & Uncle Dale have always been my favorites! Love watching the special bond they have. Yes Uncle Dale IS America’s Best Uncle! May God continue to bless these wonderful loving people. Always

  2. Love Uncle Dale he’s sweet and mostly I had a brother whose name is Dale we lost him and he was the sweetest to my daughter!!!!

  3. I love this show so much!! And especially Hazel Basil and uncle Dale together. Is it still airing somewhere and I’m clueless?? If not, please come back!!! Your family is so loved!!

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