Moriah Plath Going Darker In Latest Music Venture

Moriah Plath - Instagram

Undeniably, Welcome To Plathville star, Moriah Plath, has been getting darker lately. However, with the newest preview of her album, her music is continuing further down that dark path.

Moriah Plath Is Working Through A Dark Time In Her Life

Although Moriah Plath showed a lighter look a few weeks ago, she is continuing to show a much darker side. Undoubtedly, her life experiences are weighing heavy on her heart. Over the past few months, she has expressed that she uses her music as a way to work through what life throws at her. Now, with the tease of her new album, Moriah is bearing her heart and soul. Not only do the colors speak to her dark period in life, but her lyrics show her sorrow.

Amber Plath, Moriah Plath - Instagram
Amber Plath & Moriah Plath with a lighter look. – Instagram

Moriah Plath Teases Going Darker In Latest Music Venture

On Instagram, Moriah Plath posts about the newest album with a clip of one upcoming song. Sadly, she captions: “Just had a lot to tell you but never got the chance so maybe I wrote an album, learned how to dance… alone.” During the video, she dances and wears dark black. Not only that, the whole video is black and white setting the tone for viewers. Without a doubt, the lyrics are filled with broken promises and pain from the year leading up to the song’s writing. She expresses sadness as she pets her dog and sings, “I spent a cold year waiting for you staring at my door.” Furthermore, she sings about feeling led on by someone. Continuing lyrics saying, “You loved me just enough to keep me wanting more.”

Moriah Plath revisits hard emotions over the past year. - Instagram
Moriah Plath revisits hard emotions over the past year. – Instagram

Fans Get Dark Vibes

While listening to Moriah Plath’s clip, Welcome To Plathville fans pick up on the dark undertones. Additionally, they also note the dark visual cues as well. Some people even pick up on a 90s feel.

  • “Don’t do the goth thing. Please. Stop. Make it stop.” But several people defended her style. One fan says, “She has a sunny disposition. She’s far from goth. Wearing black or loving the color black doesn’t make one a goth. It’s a state of mind more than anything not a fashion thing.”
  • “Are there days you are actually happy? Your music doesn’t sound happy, ever.”
  • Some think Moriah Plath is taking everyone back in time. They say, “This is soooooo 90s vibe!!”
  • “I’m loving your all natural look 🥰 keep following your dream!”
Moriah Plath teases new dark music. - Instagram
Moriah Plath teases new dark music. – Instagram

What do you think of Moriah Plath’s newest tease for her album? Do you think it sounds like 90s music? Does it sound dark to you? Are you ready to see new episodes of Welcome To Plathville? Drop your comments below.

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