Fans Worry Alabama Barker Will ‘Knife’ Baby Rocky

Alabama Barker - Instagram

While The Kardashians fans always welcome a photo of Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s baby, Rocky Thirteen Barker, a recent one came with concerns. When Alabama Barker posted a photo, fans picked up on an alarming detail leading them to believe she would “knife” him.

Alabama Barker Welcomes The Kardashian Connection

Undeniably, Alabama Barker has a close relationship with her dad, Travis Barker. Seemingly, she is welcoming her new family members, The Kardashians star, Kourtney Kardashian, and her kids whom she shares with Scott Disick. But she may have a little issue cuddling her newest sibling. Although Rocky Thirteen Barker joined the Kardashian-Barker family in November 2023, fans have only gotten short glimpses of his back, hand, foot, etc. So when Alabama posted a picture, it was delightfully welcome, until fans hone in on a disturbing detail that makes them think she might “knife” the sweet baby.

Travis and Rocky Barker - Instagram
Travis and Rocky Barker – Instagram

Alabama Barker Gives Fans A Cute Photo Of Rocky Thirteen Barker

On Alabama Barker’s Instagram Stories, she shows a sweet photo of her holding her baby brother, Rocky Thirteen Barker with outstretched arms. The tiny tot has adorable animal print pants scrunched up on his visibly chunky legs. Rocky is growing fast but has the perfect little fat roles of a healthy growing baby. While his face isn’t showing, Alabama adds text that says, “Love you my rock.” Within the photo, Alabama’s face is behind Rocky, but her arms, hands, and torso are visible to viewers. As she holds the infant up high, her nails, bracelets, and rings glisten in the light. In the post, “Promises” by Jhené Aiko plays in the background during the sister-brother bonding session. While the post was a heartfelt post from a big sister to a baby brother, fans noticed an alarming detail.

Alabama Barker shows a sweet photo with her baby brother, Rocky Thirteen. - Instagram
Alabama Barker shows a sweet photo with her baby brother, Rocky Thirteen. – Instagram

Fans Worry She Will ‘Knife’ Him

On Reddit, The Kardashians fans were quick to point out a perceived dangerous situation. First, a fan says, “Amnesia finally bonding with Rocky 13.” Then, the user attaches a screengrab of Alabama Barker holding her infant brother. Fans began to discuss the worry they took away from the photo:

  • “Those nails with exposed fragile baby skin makes me anxious!”
  • “Agreed poor little sugar prob getting knifed up with those acrylics.”
  • “At my daycare, there’s one girl who has nails that long (now if they’re allowed is another thing. but she gets away with it somehow) and it always stresses me tf out. like i wear fake nails too but they’re rounded and short to avoid any scratching.”
  • “Save the baby!!!”
  • “This is cute tho.” However, another fan interjects, “How is it cute when you can’t see anything but dagger nails?”

Amnesia finally bonding with rocky 13
byu/Adventurous-Snow1902 inKUWTKsnark

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What do you think about Alabama Barker’s nails in the photo with baby Rocky? Do you think it looks like she is going to “knife” him? Would you be concerned if it was your child she was holding? Are you ready to see the premiere of The Kardashians Season 5? Drop your comments below.

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