‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Ty Ferrell Shares Baby’s 1st Steps, See Clip

Ty Ferrell - Farmer Wants A Wife

Recently, Farmer Wants A Wife cowboy, Ty Ferrell shared a special moment with fans. While his journey on the show didn’t end with finding his forever love, he is eager to share updates following the filming.

Ty Ferrell Soaks In As Much Time As Possible With Lennon

Lately, Farmer Wants A Wife cowboy, Ty Ferrell has been getting back to his roots. While the reality TV matchmaking experience had many positives for the farmer, it didn’t end with him finding his forever person. However, he can reiterate the deep love he feels for his daughter. Undeniably, he is ready to shout his connection to her from the rooftops! Additionally, he is soaking in every moment he can with her as she nears her teenage years. But Ty also is giving updates on his daily life. In a recent video, he offered a sweet capture of his new baby’s first steps.

Ty Ferrell and daughter, Lennon - Instagram
Ty Ferrell and daughter, Lennon. – Instagram

Ty Ferrell Shares Baby’s First Steps

While Ty Ferrell’s daughter is years beyond her first baby steps, her dad is still witnessing first steps regularly on the farm. On Ty’s Instagram page, he includes a video of a big moment. While he and his daughter, Lennon Ferrell spend some quality time together, they catch the first steps of Ty’s little baby. He captions: “Keep on watching if you want to see a baby calf take its first steps!” Then, he calls out Farmer Wants A Wife fans for questioning that he is a real farmer. He says, “Who questions if im a farmer! Haha JK! Still just a #cowboy with cows and a couple calves. #tyferrell #CapCut #farmerwantsawife #hasbeen @Reality.”

Lennon Ferrell takes a few minutes to connect with the new calf. - Farmer Wants A Wife - Instagram
Lennon Ferrell takes a few minutes to connect with the new calf. – Farmer Wants A Wife – Instagram

Fans Love The First Step Video

Undeniably, Ty Ferrell’s fans were very excited to see his update. While it is adorable to see him spend time with Lennon Ferrell, it is just precious to watch him help her learn about new life. Raising his daughter in an environment where she can experience calm and connection with animals is deeply commendable. Fans were quick to show their appreciation for him sharing his little baby calf’s first steps.

  • “This is absolutely adorable! 💛.”
  • “Awe!! I love everything about this video. 😍.”
  • “I see momma cow is protective. I was wondering where she was at.”
  • “Yall are living your best life.”
  • “Beautiful mom & little one! Up close & personal ‘farmer!’”
  • “Awwwe…new life!🥰.”
Ty Ferrell's baby calf takes its first steps. - Instagram
Ty Ferrell’s baby calf takes its first steps. – Instagram

What do you think about Ty Ferrell’s “First Steps” video? Do you think Lennon Ferrell loves living on the farm as much as her dad? Do you think he will find his forever person? Are you ready to see more Farmer Wants A Wife? Drop your comments below.


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