Ethan Plath Reveals Dark Days & Pain, Shares Life Update

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Welcome to Palthville fans saw that Ethan Plath decided he didn’t want to stay married to Olivia Meggs Plath, and now he shared an update about the pain he went through since then. At the time, TLC fans were confused because Barry and Kim Plath were so religious. However they divorced, and their eldest son did the same thing.

TLC’s Ethan Plath & Olivia Became Incompatible

Initially, TLC fans thought that Ethan was too much of a man-child to make a good husband. However, they later decided that Olivia Plath was too controlling. While he often seemed on the wrong side of Olivia’s tongue, many Welcome to Plathville fans suspected the problems might have been just for added drama. However, it turned out that they really were unhappy together.

Ethan Plath Instagram, Olivia Plath
Ethan Plath, Olivia Plath – Instagram, 

In the last season of the show, Ethan Plath lost his smile. Shocked, fans reeled when they heard him tell Olivia Plath that he wanted kids, but not with her. That seemed like the ultimate diss, and eventually, they both confessed they separated. While Olivia’s very active on social media, her ex-husband isn’t. However, he gave an update on his life this week.

Welcome To Plathville Star Describes His Pain In Update

Motoring is a passion for Olivia Plath’s ex. In fact, his devotion to tinkering with old cars really annoyed her. Anyway, he loves museums and fairs where old cars are on display. Last year, he posted some photos of himself admiring old vehicles at The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. This week, he shared a photo on Instagram of himself with another old car and talked about being there two years ago.

Ethan Plath - Same Day Two Years Apart - Instagram
Ethan Plath – Same Day Two Years Apart – Instagram

Welcome to Palthville fans liked Ethan Plath’s caption which said:

Same car, same place, same person. April 2024 vs. April 2022. It’s amazing what pain will do to you! So many times this last year I’ve wanted to quit and give up but I haven’t and I think life is making me stronger.

TLC fans noticed that he shaved off his beard, and his smile seems a bit wider in 2024. His sister, Moriah arrived in the comments, saying, “Pain does change you and it’s never easy but I’m proud of the man you’ve become through it! Love you so so much Ethan! 💛” Perhaps they patched up their feud.

Fans of the TLC show also commented, and some of them talked about Olivia Plath. Here’s a small sample of those opinions:

  • You and Olivia married young and instead of growing together you guys grew apart and desired different goals in life. let’s not drag either of them for that. Olivia had different plans so did Ethan. I like them both.
  • You look happier, time helps heal. Just keep moving forward.
  • I’m proud of you too Ethan sometimes toxic people can wear us down. You just have to move on.
  • Glad that Olivia is now free to live her best life. Wishing you happiness as well.

What are your thoughts on Ethan Plath feeling so much pain that he wanted to quit? Are you glad that he’s feeling a bit stronger now? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Welcome to Plathville news. 

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