‘Plathville’ Olivia Plath Gets High Profile Magazine Cover

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Unmistakably, Welcome To Plathville star, Olivia Plath, is breaking out and making a name for herself. After her experience with the reality TV show, she has started to rethink her life. Additionally, since her split from Ethan Plath, she is branching out to rediscover herself. Furthermore, she is taking opportunities to talk about her time in Plathville with multiple outlets.

Olivia Plath Lands Cover Of High Profile Magazine

Recently, Welcome To Plathville star, Olivia Plath, took her story to one high-profile magazine. Notably, she landed on the cover of Teen Vogue. She received a feature article titled: “Olivia Plath on Christian Fundamentalism, Welcome to Plathville, and Deconstructing.” Significantly, she expresses, “That script for her life is in the trash, and she’s realized it’s a story she never particularly liked — one she believes has been written for many women, largely by men using religion as a mechanism of control.” Within her interview, she discusses the trials of living through strict fundamentalism as well as the challenges of working with the Plath family. Furthermore, she discusses friction between her and Kim Plath. Likewise, she gives details about how her marriage to Ethan Plath was a constant battle.

Olivia Plath gets a feature in the high profile magazine Teen Vogue. - Instagram
Olivia Plath gets a feature in the high-profile magazine Teen Vogue. – Instagram

Some Fans Are Very Supportive

When Welcome To Plathville fans saw Olivia Plath’s front page interview, there were many supportive responses.

  • On Olivia’s Instagram post one person posts, “All the people on here questioning you. Unbelievable. Glad you are standing up for yourself and speaking out against the patriarchal oppression and abuses of fundamentalism.”
  • “Girl we desperately need you to write a memoir.”
  • “And that kid has come so far. Not only having to figure it all out on your own, but in front of the judgement of the whole world on top of it all. Look at you! You should be so proud❤.”
Olivia Plath talks about deconstruction with Teen Vogue. - Instagram
Olivia Plath talks about deconstruction with Teen Vogue. – Instagram

Olivia Plath Gets A Mix Of Responses

But the responses coming in are a mix about Olivia Plath. In particular, one fan was confused about why Olivia was the feature for a teen magazine. On Reddit, one user says, “Olivia in TEEN Vogue. Isn’t TEEN Vogue for… teens?” Then they post a screenshot of the Teen Vogue front cover.

  • But another user quickly clarifies, “For teens to READ. Not for teens to exclusively BE in. They put content that teens are going to read, that they think is relevant. She’s in reality TV and has a social media presence (I think?), so I guess that makes her relevant to teens?”
  • “Yep, plus teen vogue has talked about a range of issues, glad to see them have a discussion on fundamentalism.”
  • “It promotes good role models for teens.”
  • “I’m not necessarily a fan of Olivia but I’m glad they’re publishing info about fundamentalism and deconstruction. Maybe it will reach a teen out there somewhere.”

Olivia in TEEN Vogue. Isn’t TEEN Vogue for… teens?
byu/devanclara inPlathvilleUncensored

Many Fans Think Olivia Plath’s Stance Would Have Helped Them Growing Up

Additionally, Welcome To Plathville fans continued to discuss Olivia Plath’s stance on growing up. Currently, she is pursuing a journey to tell others about deconstructionism.

  • “I loved Mt subscription to teen vogue for this exact reason, it has mature topics that can really be important for teens to read. I love this inclusion, it could definitely reach some teens who suspect their religion / family is controlling or even perpetuating spiritual abuse. Kids cut things out, pass them around, take screenshots. Hell, a fundie kid could even find teen vogue in the library, if they’re allowed to go to one.”
  • “I think that she’s found her niche.  She can speak about cults and deconstruction because she’s lived it.”
  • “Yes but they’ve always had older or important personalities on the article in the magazine. I think the message Olivia is trying to give is important for young girls to read.”

What do you think about Olivia Plath’s feature in Teen Vogue? Did you enjoy her article? Do you think Olivia is a good role model for teens? Are you ready to see more episodes of Welcome To Plathville? Drop your comments below.

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