Olivia Plath Talks College & Big ‘Writing Project’

Olivia Plath, Welcome To Plathville

Lately, Welcome To Plathville star, Olivia Plath, has been giving fans some answers about her life now. During a question and answer session, she let fans know about a few things on the horizon for her. Undeniably, she is thinking about the future and the possibility of continuing her education. Furthermore, she discusses a writing project that she wants to pursue.

Olivia Plath Has College On Her Mind

On Olivia Plath’s Instagram page, she gave Welcome To Plathville fans some answers about her current life. In the Q&A format, Olivia posted on her Instagram stories about a variety of topics. For instance, she updated fans about the divorce with Ethan Plath. Additionally, one fan asked, “If you went to college, what would you want to study? E.g. biology, marketing, business, medicine?” Admittedly, Olivia is thinking about furthering her education. She says, “College is on my mind, on my radar.” But when it comes to the field of study, she is still undecided. However, she has several areas of interest she is entertaining. She answers, “I can’t quite decide yet but it would be somewhere in the liberal arts fields.” Then she lists a few directions she is considering. She adds, “History, Art, and Psychology are fields that I find fascinating.”

She Wants To Gain More Knowledge

However, the Welcome To Plathville star doesn’t just want to attend to get her degree. Instead, Olivia Plath desires to further her knowledge. She says, “I would love to go to college not necessarily for a career, but because I love learning and I want the higher education experience and challenge.” Seemingly, she is intrigued by the vast world in front of her. Admittedly, her childhood left her feeling deprived of so many experiences, that she wants to catch up in every area she can. Additionally, many fans have been critical of the homeschool methods that the Plaths used, which undoubtedly influenced her desire to soak in as much knowledge as possible.

Olivia Plath has college on her radar. - Instagram
Olivia Plath has college on her radar. – Instagram

Olivia Plath Discusses Other Plans

But college wasn’t the only thing on Olivia Plath’s mind. While discussing opportunities for the future, she also talked about a passion project. After someone asks, “What’s next for you?” she gives an update. Following the question, she says, “Putting down some roots.” Additionally, she lists, “Working on a writing project, exploring how to use my platform to support deconstruction, another fun project that I can’t wait to share🤫… to name a few things.” Unmistakably, she is hinting at a project that travels through the process of dismantling past experiences and rebuilding anew, especially with her strict religious upbringing. According to Alisa Childers, religious deconstruction is “the process of systematically dissecting and often rejecting the beliefs you grew up with.”


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Likewise, Olivia Plath mentions her photography business too. She adds, “And still shooting weddings and working with the best clients in the world🫶.” While she didn’t mention Welcome to Plathville in this list of projects, she recently said she is on board for Season 6 as well.

Olivia Plath talks about future plans - Instagram
Olivia Plath talks about future plans – Instagram

What do you think about Olivia Plath’s plans for college? What do you think about her writing project? Are you missing Welcome To Plathville? Send us your thoughts about Plathville in the comments below.

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