Why Fans Think Moriah Plath Is Trying To Be Taylor Swift

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Lately, Welcome To Plathville star, Moriah Plath, has been in the spotlight for some of her new lyrics. Although her post doesn’t say who they are written about, fans immediately speculate the only real relationship that was shown during the reality TV show, Max Kallschmidt. Additionally, adding fuel to the fire, her ex-boyfriend Max was getting attention by announcing a new baby, which can bring up feelings for any ex. However, Moriah quickly says he isn’t who she was writing about in her new song. After seeing things play out, fans are starting to believe Moriah is trying to set herself up to be the new Taylor Swift.

Moriah Plath Clears The Air About Max Kallschmidt

While Welcome To Plathville star, Moriah Plath, may not have been aware of Max Kallschmidt‘s post about his new wife being pregnant, many fans are suspicious she did. Although some believe that Moriah was innocently giving fans a glimpse of her upcoming music lyrics, not everyone agrees. Notably, the post gave very little context information to help fans know where she was coming from at the time. All in all, she “vague posted” about a major heartbreak in her life. By leaving out details but sharing plenty of information for fans’ minds to run wild, it is easy to see why speculations leaned to Max Kallschmidt. However, Moriah indicates that there is someone else that the song is about.

  • “If it’s not about Max, I would still say she posted what she did on the same day Max announced his wife’s pregnancy because she knew it would get people talking.”
  • “She’s a liar.”
  • Jokingly quoting Hamlet, another says, “Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.”


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Fans Question Moriah Plath’s Response

Fans question if Moriah Plath was privately dating after such a public breakup with Max Kallschmidt. When Moriah followed her post with a statement that the song isn’t about Max, she again vaguely gives clues that there was someone else significant in her life. Undoubtedly, the relationship was strong enough to deeply affect her. But some Welcome To Plathville fans are thinking this is Moriah’s way of trying to be like Taylor Swift. Notably, Moriah mentions how therapeutic it has been for her to write songs after the pain of breaking up. Likewise, Taylor has made a significant amount of music based on her past heartache. While both Moriah and Taylor are channeling their experiences into lyrics, not everyone is finding Moriah’s as relatable.

  • “🙄🙄🙄’ a line in my song’ stop it already we beg of you.”
Moriah Plath breaks her silence on Max Kallschmidt. - Instagram
Moriah Plath breaks her silence on Max Kallschmidt. – Instagram

Not Everyone Is On Board With Her Music

Although Moriah Plath is focusing on her music career, not everyone is supportive. On Reddit, several Welcome To Plathville fans gave their opinions on Moriah’s latest music inspiration.

  • Within the comments, one fan points out how they feel Moriah is reactive. They say, “To me, this is just indicative of what we see in every aspect of Moriah: she’s not able to process anything regarding introspection or growth unless it’s a result of someone else’s actions or influence.” Then in a somewhat harsh manner, they continue by slamming her artistic inspirations. Saying, “She has nothing to pull from, even when it comes to her ‘artistry’ unless it’s reactionary or she can put the brunt of the conflict on someone else’s shoulders.” Further explaining she seemingly creates problems to be the victim. Adding, “She lacks accountability and the ability to self-define. It’s part of what makes her ‘rebellion’ so inauthentic, stupid, and bland.”
  • Another follows the criticism saying, “She’s going to be a knock off Taylor Swift then 😂.”

Moriah is a WLB
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What do you think about Moriah Plath’s music inspiration? Do you think she is lying about the inspiration being her heartbreak after Max Kallschmidt? Do you think she was protecting her heart after such a public relationship and dating privately? Is Moriah trying to be Taylor Swift with her lyrics about past heartache? Are you missing Welcome To Plathville? Drop your comments below.

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