Barry Plath’s Cousin Shares Why He Won’t Watch ‘Plathville’

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While fans are waiting for Welcome To Plathville to return to screens, it is fun to hear about what is happening in the lives of Plaths’ family members. Although there is some mention of extended family in the show, rarely do viewers see them or interact with that part of the family. Recently, an extended family member of Barry Plath shared why he won’t watch Welcome To PlathvilleWhile he is a cousin to Barry, he talks about a big reason he won’t tune in for the show.

Barry Plath’s Cousin Gives His Reason Why He Doesn’t Watch Welcome To Plathville

On Reddit, a Welcome To Plathville fan brings up a chance encounter. First, they introduce the idea by saying, “Just met a Plath family member.” Then they give some information about an interaction with Barry Plath’s cousin. They say, “I live in MN and work at a bar doing pulltabs and bar bingo. Someone comes up to collect his winner and i look at his ID and his last name is Plath. So i mentioned watching a show ‘Welcome to Plathville’ and he says.. ‘Yeah, Barry is my cousin.'” Then the user reveals why the cousin won’t watch. The cousin says, “‘I dont watch the show because its too much drama!’ Thought it was kind of funny.”

  • One fan references the cousin’s answer, “I dont watch the show because its too much drama.” And says in response, “Hmmmm…that’s why the rest of us watch it.”
  • Then another fan makes a good point about it hitting too close to home. Saying, “Yeah but no one wants to sit back and watch their family members implode on themselves. We’re disconnected from them so it’s fun for us. I’m sure it’s tragic for them.”
  • “Yea I think you’re right. Add to that, there has to be a certain amount of embarrassment around the idea that these smug weenies drink from the same genetic watering hole as you do.”

Just met a Plath family member
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Fans Give Their Thoughts On Barry Plath’s Cousin’s Opinion

Additionally, Welcome To Plathville fans give their thoughts on Barry Plath’s cousin avoiding the family drama.

  • The original poster adds another comment about the conversation. They say, “Drama is the best part. He said they just left MN(visiting from where ever) went out to eat and Lydia was here also.”
  • Someone else wonders, “Is Lydia living in MN now?”
  • “I dont think so. He made it seem like she left back home not too long ago.”
  • “She posted a couple of weeks ago that she was back home. I think she was doing a Q & A on IG (or maybe just addressing a few frequently asked questions).”
  • Another fan speaks up, “Yeah, I don’t blame him for not wanting to watch the show. Being the family member of someone who’s crazy and on tv must be exhausting tbh.”

Fans Are There For The Drama

Although fans hear about the extended family during the show, rarely do you see them included in footage for the show. For instance, when Ethan and Olivia moved to Minnesota to be close to family. Furthermore, Welcome To Plathville fans acknowledge how it may be hard for Barry Plath’s family to watch the drama, but it is the reason they watch the show.

  • “I bet he wants to change his surname now! 😁 Can’t say I’d blame him.”
  • “Funny, that’s the opposite reason of why I watch.”
  • “Drama is the name of the game! No drama = boring lol.”

What do you think about the chance encounter with Barry Plath’s cousin? Do you think it would be hard to be associated with the Plath family? Do you watch Welcome To Plathville for the drama? Are you ready to see the show return? Drop your comments below.

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