Travis Kelce Is Proud Of His Relationship With Taylor Swift

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Travis Kelce is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. They recently won the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers. Travis Kelce has had a lot of fame brought to his name since his relationship with Taylor Swift became public. The two have become the “it couple” and fans adore them. Taylor is finally happy and that is all that matters. Travis recently revealed he is proud of his relationship with Taylor.

Travis Kelce Makes A Move On Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift performed in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium on July 7 and 8 2023. She rocked the stage and revealed the release of her album Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). She even brought Taylor Lautner and Joey King on stage. This was a memorable moment for fans. After she performed at Travis’ home field, he wanted to give her a friendship bracelet with his number on it. However, Taylor does not talk to people due to having to save her voice for her next concert. It seems as though Travis caught her attention and the two have been together ever since. She has been supporting him at his football games and even flew from Tokyo to Las Vegas to watch his biggest game of the year. The two have become the center of attention and they aren’t mad about it.


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Travis Reflects On Their Relationship

Travis Kelce is proud of his relationship with Taylor Swift. He thinks it is “special” and fans agree.

“Well, the biggest thing for me is … I never want the people in the building to ever have the idea that I’m not focused on the game, I’m not focused on being my best at football and not having all my focus and all my attention to my craft and making sure that I’m accountable in the biggest game of our lives, with that being said, I do, you know, have a guarded approach to it, but at the same time, I know what me and Taylor have is special, so I get [the interest].”

Travis also revealed that he loves the support from Taylor’s fans and loves how they support her.

“I’m very aware, and obviously, this is mostly because Taylor’s in my life now and we got her [to be] part of Chiefs Kingdom, and sure enough, that brought an entire entourage of human beings who just love to support her and love to support everything that she’s about.”


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The NFL player seems to be smitten with Taylor Swift and fans are here for it. The two have been in love since they started dating and are not afraid to show it. Now that football season is over, Travis will be accompanying Taylor on her tour. She is going to be singing internationally and Travis is going to support her the way she supported him. She even made a comment on how jet lag is a choice when she flew from Japan to Las Vegas to watch him play the biggest game of the year. The two are adorable. What do you think about them? Sound off in the comments below.

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