‘Welcome To Plathville’ Did Moriah Plath Privately Date After Max?

Moriah Plath, Welcome To Plathville

Lately, Welcome To Plathville star, Moriah Plath, has poured herself into her music career and dancing competitions. While she updates fans about lyrics and competitions, what else has happened in Moriah’s life? Some of her recent updates have fans questioning if she has privately been dating someone after she and Max Kallschmidt publically called it quits on the show.

Moriah Plath Gives Fans A Sneak Peek

In the past few days, Welcome To Plathville‘s Moriah Plath has updated fans with new lyrics for some of the music she is working on. While she didn’t name any names, her words indicate she has been through deep heartbreak and is finding ways to work through it. But with the sneak peek of her heartfelt verses, many fans began to speculate they were about Max Kallschmidt. However, she broke her silence on Max just as he announced big news. With her statements, now fans are wondering if the reality star was dating other people privately after she and Max ended.


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Fans Discuss Moriah Plath’s Recent Posts

On Reddit, Welcome To Plathville fans struck up a conversation about Moriah Plath’s updates. First, a user says, “Moriah is a WLB.” Then they add her Instagram post about heartbreak and finding comfort from her momma during that time. Additionally, the poster says, “She’s bearing a dead horse at this point lol I believe she’s aware the internet hates her and I think she blames that one Olivia too. **WLB ~Whiny Little Btch~.” Other fans add to the discussion:

  • “To me, this is just indicative of what we see in every aspect of Moriah: she’s not able to process anything regarding introspection or growth unless it’s a result of someone else’s actions or influence. She has nothing to pull from, even when it comes to her ‘artistry’, unless it’s reactionary or she can put the brunt of the conflict on someone else’s shoulders. She lacks accountability and the ability to self-define. It’s part of what makes her ‘rebellion’ so inauthentic, stupid and bland.”
  • “I can’t imagine Kim being comforting to Moriah.”
  • “What or who is she talking about?” Somone answers, “Max.” Then another rolls their eyes saying, “Oh lord is she really still whining about him? Like girl get over it, he’s moved on 🙄.”

Moriah is a WLB
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Fans Question If Moriah Plath Was Privately Dating

When fans were chatting about Moriah Plath’s new lyrics, some still speculate it was about Max Kallschmidt, while others think she may have moved on.

  • “What does this have to do with Olivia? This is about Max.”
  • “How do we know it’s about Max? It’s been several years since they broke up. Doesn’t it seem likely she has dated someone else since? Just because we didn’t see it on the show doesn’t mean much.”
  • “Because he just posted that his wife is pregnant.”
  • “Max is married??? Holy sh*t when did that happen?”
  • Another fan added Moriah Plath’s post from her Instagram Stories saying it wasn’t about Max. They say, “Moriah posted that it isn’t about Max.”
Moriah Plath breaks her silence on Max Kallschmidt. - Instagram
Moriah Plath breaks her silence on Max Kallschmidt. – Instagram

Alterior Motives

But other Welcome To Plathville fans believe Moriah Plath knew exactly what she was doing. They think she planned her posts to steal some of the spotlight from Max Kallschmidt.

  • “If it’s not about Max, I would still say she posted what she did on the same day Max announced his wife’s pregnancy because she knew it would get people talking.”
  • “There’s definitely an ick factor of writing a broken-heart song about a guy you broke up with 2 1/2 years ago. a guy who has clearly moved on with his life and is married to someone else. it has big attention seeking vibes, and it’s just sad. it’s like drunk dialing your exes, but max clearly doesn’t care.”

What do you think? Was Moriah Plath talking about another person she privately dated that broke her heart? Or do you believe the song lyrics are about Max? Did she purposely distract from Max’s big news? Are you wanting to see more Welcome To Plathville episodes? Drop your thoughts below. We’d love to know your opinons.

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