Fans Accuse Olivia Plath Of Controlling Ethan’s Instagram, Why?

Ethan and Olivia Plath, YouTube

Might Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath be in control of her husband, Ethan’s Instagram? Fans are picking up on clues that she might be posting on his behalf. Keep reading for all of the details fans have discovered.

Note that there’s no way to know for sure who’s posting on Ethan’s Instagram profile. It could be him or Olivia, as some fans suspect. For now, fans are just speculating about what’s going on with his social media. There’s no official confirmation that Olivia is the one in control.

Olivia Plath, YouTube

Ethan & Olivia Plath celebrate a milestone.

On Instagram on Thursday, November 3, Ethan and Olivia both shared new posts documenting the four-year anniversary of their first kiss. They both included a series of photos from a professional shoot they did while in Paris. The final photo in Ethan’s post is of Olivia’s booty.

Ethan’s caption reads, “Happy five year anniversary of our first kiss baby girl!❤️”


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In her post, Olivia Plath simply said, “Happy 5-year smooch-iversary 💋”

While these might seem like sweet posts documenting a special moment in their relationship, fans are a little unsure of what’s going on with Ethan’s Instagram page.

Welcome to Plathville fans are suspicious.

On RedditWelcome to Plathville fans and critics are discussing Ethan and Olivia Plath’s new posts. And many think something fishy is going on here. Many noticed that Ethan’s post doesn’t really sound like him. Others are doubtful that he would have posted these professional photos of himself and Olivia.

One fan started the conversation and said, “I’m 100% certain either Olivia or someone else is managing his Instagram. All the recent post captions just don’t sound like him at all.”

Another Welcome to Plathville viewer chimed in, “Definitely not his voice. Also the last picture of her a**. I feel like he has more respect for her than that.”

Someone else added, “Olivia’s anniversary caption sounds more like Ethan than Ethan’s does.”

So, it looks like several fans picked up on the fact that Ethan’s post doesn’t sound like him.

Ultimately, there is no way for fans to know whether Ethan or Olivia is posting from each other’s accounts. Maybe Olivia will eventually address these rumors in hopes of shutting them down. But fans will have to wait and see what happens.

I think someone posted about this before… I’m 100% certain either Olivia or someone else is managing his Instagram. All the recent post captions just don’t sound like him at all. 😳
by u/MarketingWarm8804 in WelcomeToPlathSnark

So, do you think that Olivia Plath might be controlling Ethan’s Instagram profile? Or do you think he really shared his most recent post on his own? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest Welcome to Plathville updates.

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