‘Welcome To Plathville’ Fans React To Ethan Plath’s New Life

Welcome To Plathville Fans React To Ethan Plath's New Life TLC

Ethan Plath married young and the Welcome to Palthville star came from a sheltered family like his wife, Olivia. They continually clash, while he makes friends and fiddles around with his old cars. Definitely, he seems to be less likely to tread the safe road of the righteous these days. So, TLC fans discussed his new life.

Ethan Plath & Olivia Moved To Minnesota For A New Life

Last year, Welcome to Plathville fans heard that Olivia and her husband moved to Minnesota. Remember, that came after they relocated to Tampa. Determined to see more of life than Cairo in Georgia, she dragged her reluctant husband to Philadelphia. Mind you, she claimed it would be a supportive environment. In fact, her husband’s paternal grandparents live there.

Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long. Ethan Plath said in a preview, “When me and Olivia moved up here to Minnesota, we were in a very good place. That has completely disappeared in a matter of months.” Additionally, he stood up and claimed that he was “done.” Additionally, Olivia talked about how her husband hung out with another person. Naturally, Welcome To Plathville fans wondered if it was the woman they spotted him dancing with.

Ethan Plath Was Controlled And Changed By Olivia?

On Reddit, an OP wrote about how Ethan seemed to have found himself. So, they liked it because he refused to let Olivia change him any further. they opined, “Ethan is hanging out with his new Minnesotan friends when he says in a testimonial that he has never had a friend his age…  He has family again, too, and [loves] it.” Next, they felt that seeing him reject Olivia’s controlling ways seemed “kind of nice…”

Welcome to Plathville fans don’t all blame Olivia for changing her husband’s attitude towards life. In fact, one TLC fan claimed that Ethan Plath should “the reality of marriage.” They added that it’s the “need to adapt to a certain degree to be a healthy partner for your spouse. You are no longer single, you are a partnership and should both be working towards being the best version of yourself for your partner.”

Stop Blaming Olivia For The Rocky Marriage?

Some people feel irritated that Ethan Plath is always seen as a victim of Olivia. One commenter wrote, “[I] am a man. Olivia does not want to be his mother and wants an equal partner in their marriage and gets sh-t on. Ethan wants to do whatever he wants and tinker with his toys and take no responsibility for anything and he is defended.”

Do you think that the move to Minnesota burned the final straw for Olivia and Ethan Plath? Is she really at fault for demanding some changes from her rather childish husband? Should he grow up and make some concessions as well? Sound off in the comments section below. Remember to come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Welcome to Plathville on TLC.

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