Moriah Plath Has Another Dark Transformation

Moriah Plath, Welcome To Plathville - Instagram

Recently, Welcome To Plathville star, Moriah Plath, gave fans an update showing a dark new transformation. While the star is preparing for her new plans, she gives a little peek at what is happening behind the scenes.

Fans See A Glimmer Of Light

Lately, Welcome To Plathville star, Moriah Plath has been undergoing some therapeutic work through her music. Admittedly, she uses her lyrics to help work through the issues that arise in her life. Seemingly, in the past few weeks she was exploring a lighter look that fans were loving. Conversely to her normal dark edgy fashion, Moriah wore a whimsical bright blue dress. Then contrasting the blue she poses in a fresh, light green grassy area surrounded by darker green trees. Furthermore, sporting red lipstick and shoes only Dorothy could contend with. Unfortunately, not everyone liked her bright red lipstick, but the lighter colors were refreshing. However, now she is making her way back to black in a whole new way.

Moriah Plath's colorful switch up. - Instagram
Moriah Plath’s colorful switch-up. – Instagram

Moriah Plath Shows Fans Another Dark Transformation

Following Welcome To Plathville Moriah Plath’s glimpse of color pop, she shows fans her starkly different dark side again. While many fans praised her lighter look, now she is returning with another dark transformation. On Moriah’s Instagram Stories, she shows off a big change to her appearance. With a video of Moriah dancing, she says, “Just excited for another day in the studio haha, can’t sleep.” Then she sports a black graphic tee with hip-hugging black pants slit three-quarter of the length with string cinched sides. But to completely top off her new dark change, she has dark roots instead of her normal golden locks.

Welcome To Plathville's Moriah Plath shows off another dark transformation. - Instagram
Welcome To Plathville‘s Moriah Plath shows off another dark transformation. – Instagram

Moriah Plath Making Her Happiness

While Moriah Plath teases she is back in the studio, Welcome To Plathville fans can expect to see more music in the future. As she is eager to get back into the studio, she is making her own happy place for the time being. Meanwhile, Moriah was dancing to Hardy’s Hate Your Hometown playing in the video background. Although it could be a jab at Cairo and the Plath upbringing, she may be just missing home. Conversely, she could be hoping someone is wishing she’ll run back to them. Whatever the case, she is feeling the music and this may just be her jam for the moment. During her dancing, the lyrics scroll on the screen:

I hope you hate your hometownEvery brick, every acreHope they shut all the bars downRename all the streets
I hope it looks like a ghost town
And you feel like a stranger
What do you think about Moriah Plath’s newest dark transformation? Do you like her new hairstyle? Do you prefer her edgy black style or the brighter color tease she posted recently? Are you ready for more episodes of Welcome To Plathville? Drop your comments below.
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