Moriah Plath Has Special Musical Reunion With Sisters

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Recently, Welcome To Plathville star, Moriah Plath, had a special get-together with two of her sisters. Additionally, the sweet sisters reunited with their common interest in music for a heartfelt collaboration.

Moriah Plath Seeks Comfort From The Plath Family

At the end of February, Welcome To Plathville‘s Moriah Plath shared a message that showed she was learning and living through a difficult heartbreak. While the statement gave many details, it didn’t include who the heartbreaker had been. Notably, most fans drew the conclusion it was most likely her serious relationship with Max Kallschmidt that had influenced the lyrics she posted. Especially, with the timely announcement of Max and his new wife having a baby. However, Moriah followed her vague heartache post with the clarification that it wasn’t related to Max. But through all the interactions, fans could tell that Moriah had been hurt and in the midst returned to seek comfort from her family. Likewise, she also used her music as a therapeutic release of the deep pain she felt during the experience.

Moriah Plath shares a passage reflecting heartbreak. - Instagram
Moriah Plath shares a passage reflecting heartbreak. – Instagram

Moriah Plath Reunites With Sisters In A Special Musical Collaboration

On Sunday, Welcome To Plathville star, Moriah Plath posted a fun interaction on Instagram with two of her darling sisters. On St. Patrick’s Day, Moriah shared a special collaboration with sisters, Amber and Lydia Plath. She captions: “‘That’s how we started together, and how together we’re gonna stay.’ Singing my favorite Neil Diamond song with my sisters. ❤️ @lydiajoyplath.” Altogether the three Plath sisters sing verses from the famous song Something Blue. During the song, Neil talks about surviving sorrow and finding comfort through being together.

“You taught me a little bout good times
I fought through a little bit of rain
You brought me a part of your sunshine
You took in the heart of my pain
It wasn’t supposed to happen
But then you happened to come my way.”

Amber, Lydia, and Moriah Plath trio. - Instagram
Amber, Lydia, and Moriah Plath trio. – Instagram

Fans Give Their Feedback About Moriah Plath And Her Sisters

While there were mixed reviews on Moriah Plath and her sisters’ singing talents, Welcome To Plathville fans seemingly were happy to see the three girls together.

  • “Love this!!! ❤🔥 The Trio America needs!”
  • “Keep doing you sweetheart!❤️❤️❤️”
  • “LOOOOOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “That was beautiful…please post more singing with your sisters.”
  • “I love this!! Such a soulful, bluesy, bluegrass, twang. All 3 melodies together ❤️.”
  • “I love that you guys are together and doing some thing that you all enjoy. Keep the Bond strong.”
  • “The three girls should try out together on The Voice. I think they do very well.”

Some Fans Didn’t Like The Trio

However, some fans expressed how they find Moriah Plath and her sisters’ music to be flat and encourage them to get additional lessons.

  • “I love Lydia but I feel so bad that when I listen to her music I can hear all of the flat notes. She needs a little bit more lessons to learn how to use her voice and use her body to create the sounds that she needs to. Because her raw singing is very flat and hard to listen to. I love her so much and I really don’t want her to be embarrassed if her music went into larger regions or radio stations because she really does need to work on her technique.”
  • Many fans found the critiques about Lydia Plath’s “flat sound” to be too harsh. However, there was additional feedback within the comments, “She just needs to show more range.”


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What do you think about Moriah Plath and her sisters pursuing music? Are you ready to see more of Welcome To Plathville? Drop your comments below.

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