Michelle ‘MiMi’ Theriot Resurfaces After DUI Bust: ‘OutDaughtered’ Update

Outdaughtered Michelle Theriot Mimi

Michelle Theriot — OutDaughtered Grandma MiMi — disappeared following her DUI bust in October of last year. The TLC grandmother getting arrested for a DUI cast a huge divide among OutDaughtered fans. Some fans strongly supported the idea that everyone makes a mistake. These fans blasted Danielle Busby for seemingly shunning MiMi following her arrest. Other fans, however, were not so willing to forgive Michelle Theriot following her arrest. These fans agreed no excuse was a good excuse for getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Update with radio silence

Back in April, OutDaughtered fans got a bit of an update on Grandma MiMi’s situation. Turns out, the TLC grandmother got a slap on the wrist so long as she follows court orders. The court orders required being part of a one-year diversion program.

The update, however, came with radio silence from Grandma MiMi. As we previously reported, Michelle Theriot’s Instagram account was deactivated following her arrest. At the time, it was suspected that this move was to protect both MiMi and the TLC series. As we previously mentioned, this arrest created a huge divide among fans. And, given the opportunity, many would have rushed to the comments of MiMi’s Instagram to slam her for driving while intoxicated.

MiMi Instagram
MiMi – Instagram

Following her arrest, OutDaughtered fans were surprised when Michelle Theriot still made appearances on the latest season of the series. Fans, however, assume the episodes were filmed before MiMi was arrested. Some fans question if the arrest will cause TLC to avoid putting Grandma MiMi in any future episodes of the series, though.

After a year of radio silence following her DUI bust, Michelle Theriot — OutDaughtered Grandma MiMi — has resurfaced.

OutDaughtered Grandma MiMi resurfaces: Is she alright?

Those who followed Michelle Theriot on Instagram prior to the deactivation of her profile did a bit of a double-take this week as the OutDaughtered grandma posted not once — but twice — to her profile. A quick scroll through her profile reveals her posts are still very much intact. This suggests her profile was just deactivated for the past year. This also confirms deactivating her account was likely a move to wait for time to pass and frustrated OutDaughtered fans to move on.

The Instagram posts revealed a happy and healthy Michelle Theriot. She appeared to be having a great time hanging out with her friends in her most recent post. Roughly six days ago, she resurfaced on Instagram after deactivating her account for a year. Her post was random and silly. It was very unexpected for someone who hadn’t posted in a year. The post featured her joking about the new, silly glasses she purchased.

Outdaughtered Michelle Theriot Mimi
OutDaughtered Michelle Theriot Mimi – Instagram

The OutDaughtered grandmother, however, was still avoiding the backlash to some degree. She opted to limit her Instagram comments. Her comments are so limited that even people who follow her can’t leave comments without special approval.

Are you surprised Michelle Theriot — OutDaughtered Grandma MiMi — returned to Instagram following her DUI bust? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Busby family.

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